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I didn't quite understand this position in the depth show and the job marine, but has been given the keys to allay social kingdom and that confidence just omit from him. Like glowing puck tracker that they used to use in the early and Brokaw stays and he drilled the ball him credit to him clinically remarkable. The point might few pundits is both Paul and rash in a position the points of giveaway that they would not have been in under Moreno Papa was pressing up. And rash verd- not come back to cover. So it meant that the council could be so effective really just like one pass on one touch. Yeah. And the stat which kind of reveals the change between managers poor poke Burs direct hand and over half of the league goals. AR fifteen. The United has scored underlay a reflection of truth. And we all knew this the Manchester United squad. We said we came. We can't they've always had so many weapons on any source coaches decided to you. Know employees them that gained his opponent. Whereas marina, it was just like hell, bent, surreally, hell bent on turning on themselves. Like some kind of footballing doomsday machine. Take me out guys out Spurs credit them came out, second half, ten acidy determination and Christian Eric's, all wound up and ready to play chance after chance after chance. David I'm in reality that game you, and I've said it to each other. It could have been five one. It could have been a this is very difficult for mandated observers of social on the one hand you think six wins in a row he's going to get the job. No problem. But you then look at the second half performance where was the identity where was that ability to hold down the midfield? What happened to this team in the second half? But Davin Davidge what I'm believable performance eleven shots on target and Devitt the hair a bowl claim through this out there possibly the best day now since Matthews. Kick save of the blade. Leap brazing kick. Save using his feet successfully where most of the goalkeepers would try and get down use their hands and have that ball just scurry under their flailing bodies. And so this for me, even a superlative goalkeeping display. They taught them, you know, just keep kicking the ball, right? At look. I think if you take any of those individuals saves and look at them individually, and if he had it on late show, if he hadn't have saved them you'd have been saying all he's not going to be happy going looking the replay of that. But eleven of them constantly in the right position constantly, forcing the striker forcing the attacking play into a decision about where to go and put it that leads them to go and put it too close to him in a place where you can go and save he must get credit for doing it time and time and time again and also gang into the strike his heads off when they go keeper is in that kind of the zone. You see the Dow in the. Strike as mind, which makes them second. Guess the guests as they pull their feet back. It's misleading. They kept kicking the ball Ray atom because what that does is discounts, which I think is is greatest quality his positioning where he was actually at position was pretty good happens before the show, and it makes it look as if the strike is hitting the ball at him..

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