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On twitter at paulviollis last name a an osce tweet to show at after hours cbs an interesting day for the carolina panthers if they make ucht a interesting strange move firing the general manager lesson to for training camp in north even talking about it we we've got kirk cousins we've got z kelley we have an immense levy on bell a a twitter second wave imagine olympia because this steelers levy on you didn't little war the steelers handle that like the steelers always handle feints classy the business well this and the levy on his lentils ideas couldn't get a deal done they know his name that's what i can't get out is the ceo out is the ceo of the team the president team not know the name of the saarc quarterback that they're negotiating with that they've been negotiating with for years to kirk kirk kirk kurtz how do you and then they make the team but that the excuse said it's his accent that he smith it correctly there is no chance he was saying correctly he did it six times let me ask russian call them kirk do you think he did qurqus that's why that was as china i know i don't buy it would they do that with a stooped to troll him in the whole thing was a troll so the idea that the that they maybe chogm that much it yet it isn't what now i think it was just a blown troll i think that's giving them too much credit as if i'm daniel snyder i'm firing jittery it in the name rocky oh my gosh i i certainly my let's go to the phones wolf in dallas you're on cbs sports radio hey paul harragon mounted we'll tell you about in our our our our few pangs i gotta get out my task of first of all.

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