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Something then you do there well even though Hollis wanted something very organic very chill sort of a a memorial when his children were going to be meeting again probably in the Spring Pam had a brother. That's been a lot of time with her father that that really needed some sort of remembrance a memorial he needed the time space and support from his siblings links to begin his grieving process for their. Holly Hold US disappoint him. He Never Berber. We said that but I know it. I know that he needed to have us there with him to help him get through it so so we have Scottish. Wake Lemme quickly interject. I'm not Scottish. So what is the Scottish week. According to my research and I'll put some links in the show notes. A Scottish week is where a body is laid out in their someone who stays with them for twenty four hours a day. The week may last day day or seven. Some say that the person who's staying with them is to help prevent evil from coming to get them from taking them away during the week. There's a lot of food and a lot of whiskey and people dance at the end. Sounds like a sad fun so Scottish way is alcohol. There's alcohol well. I don't know where did traditional Scottish wages. But I know Ferguson. Scottish wake of what my brother put together but basically all of us have some kind of garment that Ed is our family time. Whether it's the killed scar tie you know whatever so we all had our garment on on their toes. Water food and just failing brands is a celebration of life. Hamsun is a really great guy but He didn't really say much during their Scottish Week but she realizes that her son probably was thinking a lot about Hollis and he ended not putting a post on facebook later that day that she still saving all the time during the way he must have been thinking this that he never got up and he never anything but after he whole night. wrote this this right here. If you said today tell me something about your dad grumpy you you'll be truly missed. I will never forget your larger than life presence. You served your country Community as a police officer in finished your lar- career as a chief deputy sheriff. I remember when he ran for share. You should have gotten that job. Nobody love being a cop as much as you did. You were real man. You lived by Your own tomorrow and you worked as a millwright for a number of mills in companies. You are very smart and had a lot of knowledge about all kinds of topics loved history in politics next love to joke and laugh. I will miss you big time. Here's to you. I will miss your jolly laugh in your big smile and your humor. That was like Jackie. gleason Rodney any dangerfield in Archie bunker. All that's bad.

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