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Kicks RK of them and 81 hobo Ogden, Salt Lake City, Utah is original alternative X 96. I never agreed to this, but this meeting is occurring where I live, and I don't want to put shoes on so well played. It's no secret that Erica and I hope to one day have a family of our own. Oh, and that's why I'm worried about your broken world compass and complete lack of ethics. Well, I took a hard turn. I've got to show you that the world is not just feel about apples trying to take advantage of you. Where is this fantasy land with mermaids, unicorns and armadillos, armadillos. A real sure, buddy. Same with Comodo dragons. This guy okay while grocery shopping. Would you eat a grape without pain? Sure. Victimless crime. What about the grape farmer who spent his whole day bent over in the sun? Only to have you steals wears. If it's so tough, that farmer should quit and try something new, like being xing or high finance or great farming. And it can think of a better one next question. I'm sure that you've taken a penny. But have you ever left a penny? Not even once taken a little trade that holds the Bettys next question. Would you ever exceed the speed limit to get to a dentist? Appointment on time? Did it got there realized it was the wrong day. Mom called me. The dead is coming anyway. Speed limit. Follow Terry Jackson on Twitter or a beach. Carrie, This is radio from Hell on X 96. To say sponsored feature Nick It is sponsored by integrity, honesty and the authenticity of oneself. Wow. Hope they didn't pay too much, All right. It's a real housewives of solid of date with our friend of the program. Victoria who's a big Bravo fan, and she watches intently and gives us enough to actually you watch with your husband, don't you, Victoria? I do. We're not allowed to watch it without the weather. Carrie. They're They're dinks like you and Sue. See, There we go. We have come so soon. Doesn't have to watch. Well, I got double feature Friday today of Star Trek and manned Lorien. So Amanda Lorient Good. Thank you, Nick. For for value, my integrity and my authentic self. Of course. I know. I've only seen the first three episodes. Okay, Real housewife. So I feel like I'm gonna get some spoilers here. But I can money my way through it Well, so we give you two days since its broadcast, or you could leave the room. If you'd like. I'll hang out. All right. So if you give it its CliffsNotes, it'll guide you through the episode. Perfect. Which episode Are we on? 55? Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, I guess we're on five on dit was ladies who lunch. Cheese and also you don't care. I was gonna say I like to think of Real housewives is a brand. You're right. The word real by itself, I think is misleading. But if you think it is a brand, maybe that'll help a little bit. I think if you say Housewives of Salt Lake or housewives of Orange County, it conveys the same thing. Yeah. OK. OK. Agree. Disagree. Where do we start? Okay. So this week on Real housewives we have, I think What's going to shape up to be the real conflict of the whole season is Jen versus Mary. So this week, Jen and Mary, they keep fighting at this point. Jen is still upset that Mary said that she smelled like hospital. But now she's also upset that Mary said something about how Mary will not go into a 7 11. If she sees black people standing outside of it. There is black. Nick. I don't know if you Yeah, alright show. Yeah, I was also taken back by that, okay. Yes. And so I mean, so maybe. Well, I'm curious if they dig a little deeper into what that is, or I'm sure, General Just make her own opinions about what is going on is married that, um And then Mary is upset that she thinks Jen called her a grand. A grand father Mother hugger. And so because Mary is married to her step grandfather has been confirmed. Okay? Yes, that is confirmed And so And the thing is, I think Mary has got this wrong because she didn't say mother huggers. She just said, you know. Tens, and Mary hugged her grandfather. Um and so we have seven marriages went on a date because they start last week. We heard they were separated, but dating whatever that meant, And this week they officially separated. MEREDITH actually pretends to be upset us leaving and you can tell. She's just like, get out. I didn't hear about that. That story line so far. No, no. Yeah, that one seems forced to make a very very and I think yes, I actually agree with that, Um, just is like something just to know Whitney hangs out with her brother Whitney takes her dad to sober living. That's definitely gonna start lying to his Whitney's dad having being an addict and Whitney's sounds like she's according to wait me. She's the only minutes oppressor Dad, and he's ever been trying to get sober. Now Whitney's dad, he's in a rock band or wasn't a rock band, apparently because he has that bad black hair dye job? No, I don't think so I know is that he used to be his business has to do with hair products, but he does look like he's a a former rock band member who's trying to live in the old days because I see him and I think Mick Mars. I know anyway, that's it looks like a wig. It does look like a week, and that's also my other question. But, um, yeah, because he was into hair products that maybe there's something here. Gonna try and sell us one day. I'm not sure. No, I'm here on day so and so one of the things that we that I carry out last because how can he say that? He watched the show and so carry you can. I mean you could just choose right now, if your team jen or cheap team Mary, and that's one thing someone said, you know what's going on Houses one team, Jen, and that might just let it go. Also, okay? Also also is the fact that you could be on our merry is married to her step grandfather, Um and and and then my favorite things, because so this continue from last week where they were eating at vaulters. On day having married, Met Gala luncheon or whatever. And so they're arguing, and Mary is, I think, very had a hard time holding her own in an argument, and so at one point, she and Jenna are going to look at Baltar Baltar's upset, and then they start arguing over who is better friends of Walter because then the other one like I'm friends with Walter, too. I'm afraid this vulture. That's.

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