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<hes> <hes> justin announce by me that is going to be nikki cross and also alexa bliss who are taking the title of champion holders smackdown now is gonna but the belts on the line against fire and desire and the at the fire desire won <unk> a nonprofit match against nikki crossing mom list. We'll they hold on for the title. My prediction is yeah. Mistakes is always going to be in a match mistakes always happen in any kind of sport so i think that there is a great possibility that unless annika cross will retain <hes> during declared the champion and so that is going to be easy petition for me because you know just because the mass been added and dip because they won on a non title match. It doesn't mean that lightning will start twice. It's no i mean it always happened in wrestling. It just always happen though <hes> <hes> but anyway. I think my position is that nicky cross and alexa blitz will retain the title during class a champion ban though with that match added. We'll see how i am on the car. Also don't forget we still have the <hes> yeah we still have the <hes> king of the ring finals yet to be decided on raw there the triple threat match against against <hes> with the ricochet against barry coleman and also gel now. I still think think i still think even though this is a triple met anything can happen in a triple threat match but yet i still think that ricochet shea could pull it off yet i did. I'll say it again. Ricochet could put off against barry coleman and samoa joe even those small joel bigger than even barry coleman and barikot just awful tight he'll but i think we have to take the going to the king of the rank finals and then hopefully we'll phase gable. <hes> smet downside will have elias i will and i think that gable have with a taste besley at the a really really good quarter final match gable had star showing at the end there and gable won his matt and so now we we got gable versus goliath so could it be that we probably could have either now now. Here's the thing if his ricocheted roses gable. It might be a tossup between vegas j. gable bowl because i like they're both of their chances. If its efforts gable and barry coleman or simone gel so then i would pay gable over samoa joe and barry coleman any day of the week so they have a double <unk> a double predation on that met any kind of <hes> avenues could play out so okay so if if it's a <hes> gable versus the ricky jay match it'll be a toss up because i like both of their chances being king rain if if a <hes> a the moa joe versus barracuda match in in a classic <unk> than i'm going for t._i. Gable though that was pretty easy even in the two scenarios that i talked about right there now. I thought about this because it's in line of wrestling but as we know declare as soon w._w._e. For the tape mark of man now all of a sudden today i get this report that <hes> on let me show..

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