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Thousand dollars a year only sixty six thousand that surprised me that seems like a very low number just knowing the home prices in this area is in the taxes that go along with that I would say you probably should be close to eighty to a hundred sixty six thousand a year will support a family of four but forty two percent of the families are not able to pay their bills and the United Way says this ought to be a wake up call for local governments I don't know about that I think it should be a wake up call to quit acting and everybody so much where they can't afford to live in the city and you'll wonder why you don't have the income you once did because there's not anybody living here and three days ten to eleven AM and two to three PM on news radio kale BJ you're listening to the best of Todd and done on newsradio kale BJ unlike his previous debate appearance of former vice president Joe Biden appear to be unprepared for attacks by his opponents the vice president was able to shrug off a number of attacks by many of the other candidates including Kirsten Gillibrand who was accused him of misogyny we know America's women are working for a ten moms have to work they're the primary or sole wage earners they actually have to put full of food on the table eight out of ten moms are working today most women have to work to provide for the kids many women want to be working to provide for their community people less so I don't think today or what did you mean when you said at the very beginning my deceased wife work we had children my present wife is worked all the way through raising our children the fact of the matter is the situation is one that I don't know what's happened I wrote the violence against women act Lilly Ledbetter I was deeply involved in making sure there vehicle payments I was deeply involved in all the same I came up with the it's on us proposal to see two of the women were treated more decently on college campuses you came to Syracuse University with me and said it was wonderful I'm passionate about the concern making sure women are treated equally I don't know what's happened except that you're not running for president so I understand there you go last night now the next democratic debate I'll take place in September however that field could be significantly leaner as money and polling requirements are expected to limit participation I dont watch it last night the live coverage on ESPN should've been on a major network the national spelling bee names eight youngsters as co champions beating the previous two way tie record in his store in history now after the competition ran out of words this epic three hour long finale last night I got tired when I went to sleep and then I wake up this morning and they have eight co champions they ran out of words I had run out of words while they're basically these the these eight kids were smarter than the people at the spelling bee that were organizing it the eight winners spell the final forty seven words correctly in five consecutive rounds it's a school night man you gotta get home right to someone's voice each of these kids will get on we'll get the prod the full price fifty thousand dollars in cash they get their hands on the trophy last night the winners are hang on with me okay I'm with and I apologize if I butcher these names are ray Sheik god talk sorry nailed it Erin Howard bottle and got that one right I don't think that's the key sandhar name should be cop had a psalm shoe con bar well that's it aber J. Cole dilate perfect Christopher Cheryl role Han Raji flawless all of our the winters there last night's in the spelling bee amazing amazing player whatever Indian parents are doing whatever and you know what Asian families are doing educating their kids we need to duplicate that what is it Erin how what is it yeah the result it's it's it's it's really interesting I'd like to be no of the I like to know of the age how many of them actually went to public school yeah I know there were some of the other was a local girl that was knocked out in the fourth round she goes to Keeling middle school here in town she did a very good job hats off to her but I think it's pretty interesting yeah the scripts national spelling bee last night declared eight contestants the co champions on newsradio kale B. J. seven forty five on newsradio kill the jail is going to newsradio he'll be generous I'm sorry actually Austin's on time traffic with Patrick Bennett were certain to see traffic back up on one eighty three self found your Spicewood springs road thirty five north bound between Stassi and slaughter lane is still backed up they're also seeing a delay on thirty five northbound on Cesar Chavez direct reports that a deal for a patch of Vandalia's Austin's on time traffic.

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