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That's portion of the IVA dream speech delivered in nineteen sixty three at the March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial. Interesting story about that. So George Raveling kneeled USC basketball coach was a player in the Washington DC area and somebody came to his school. He's a college player, and it can't remember if he went to GW or American University camera which one, but so Raveling was at his school and somebody came by and said, hey, we need some for lack of a better term muscle. We need some big tall guys to stand behind Dr king. So if anyone gets a crazy idea of rushing, the podium, they know that there'd be big guys that they'd have to get through. So the coach of the basketball team said sure I got a couple of guys in one of them was Raveling. So if you watch that speech, you'll see a young George Raveling standing one of the people standing behind Dr king. So the speed. Ends. And Dr king says, you know, free at last free blasts got almighty free at last and walks away from the podium and Raveling notices that the text of the speech is still there. And he's he grabs it, and he says, Dr king, you forgot your speech. He goes go ahead and keep it George. I don't need it. And to this day. You're traveling has it. Well, now, the amazing thing is we have Ravin the show a lot. And he says that the text of the speech is not what you would think. It's not like today. Everybody would put that in a prompter. Right. It was guidelines nuts. I think George said that a lot of I have a dream on the note that he just, you know, took the notes that it was bullet points of what he wanted to mention, and he just winged it and George still hasn't. He's been the Smithsonian been after a lot of people have asked if he'd be willing to sell it. And he's always said, no, he's hanging onto it. And he says when he passes wail handed down to his family, which is kind of a cool that is backwards. Right. All right. So you're going to get into coming up. The ringer which I read every day. Has just written a story. Here's the headline Todd Gurley. The reigning offensive player of the year was out snapped. And outplayed by C J Anderson in Sunday's championship game. He says it wasn't his health. So what happened? We'll get into it next or some theories here that are interesting Mason and Ireland Rams on their win. Is. I hope so Super Bowl we're thirteen days away. I can tell you that. Although the station is not really. Divvying up any cash for me to go to the game..

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