Powell, Luke Byrne, Willie Cauley Stein discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane


So yeah, it's possible they're still kind of floating around that 500 range, and as you said, you can't trade everybody, and you can't change all the players. So these are decision kind of becomes at that point of whether it's the right decision or not, ultimately becomes. Someone's going to be held accountable with probably going to be the coach. Right. And that would be my guess, because yeah, I don't see anything big, comment. And I don't know too, I wouldn't be looking at the bio market as here we go. We're going to get all this help there. I just don't know what's going to be there. Yeah, we have no idea who's getting bought out. People bring up Kevin Love a lot, but who knows what that situation is going to look at. Look like he's not as long as I keep playing well too. Yeah, he seems happy there. They're happy, so yeah, I don't think we're going to see that either. So we'll see you Frank vocal gets a lump of coal in his stocking or not on Christmas. I've got a question coming in here about the Mavs. Luke Byrne from YouTube are from YouTube from Twitter. Said Dallas is getting killed in the paint night tonight. What center could they realistically trade for or move on from players like Powell, Willie cauley Stein, et cetera? Yeah, now this is where I'm glad he added that second part in there because this is where it can get a little bit interesting because you could do cauley Stein and Powell. That's about $15 million. Powell has one more year left at $11 million, but that's not horrible. Enough where you can make that work in a trade. And that's before you get into any kind of your more core rotation guys. So then it becomes all right. So that's $15 million. Who's a $15 million center? They can go get. Or just somebody who can help. I think the number one target team's looking for center help that's going to be out there is going to be looking at is Robin Lopez. On the magic because he's doesn't play on any sort of regular basis because they've really kind of settled into Bomba Carter together. Eventually Jonathan Isaac is going to come back, which means one of Bomba and Carter is going to go to the badge. So you're going to end up with that's going to kind of be your three big rotation at that point is going to be those three guys because by then mo Wagner will be out of the rotation and all those things. So it's just not a lot of room for Lopez. He's only making 5 million. So very easily tradable salary. And it's 5 million for just this season. So yeah, they could go get them pretty. I mean, that's cauli Stein and a second rounder. Probably get you Robin Lopez. If you wanted to go that route there, kind of looking at bad teams. There's just not that many bad teams..

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