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And then they were blamed for themselves that's that's exactly what happened and that's how it fell and that's because that's what it was there were there police reports that were altered or or missed place there was the sudden newspaper thing what the liverpool fans were drunk right basically in blaming them for the what they did allegedly did and not only was was it ninety six people had died but hopes city was tarnished with the same brush everybody from liverpool was looked upon as as a hooligan um you know those stories in the paper that that liverpool funds with stealing from dead bodies i mean we're gonna slow resort to give a city and everybody go caught up in it and not the sun newspaper published it and they're still places what in liverpool can you buy the sun is a tough to find it you won't you won't find the in liverpool know and you certainly don't walk in room with the sun newspaper on the because you wanna be around for long you have confidence though that the these there will be a vigorous prosecution of the six men absolutely not now sticking twenty years to bring somebody or a group of people to justice the woman she thing that all of a sudden real justice is going to be done in my opinion my soul opinion it's not just the police they should be involved in this the politicians who were in child at the time and who are really responsible for covering this up because without them there's no coverup they should be brought to justice a more than a sporting tragedy social issues of class are absolutely intense you've seen the movie it's on tonight can be we will watch stuff like that and yes and no egis at it.

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