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In twenty twenty and a new study on socialist countries shows that we've been saying here for the longest time shows a middle class pays a heck of a lot more in taxes for, for travelcenters of America. Here's your forecast. We'll see a big cool down in the west today. And that rain in the south has shifted from Texas into Alabama the Carolinas and up into the mid Atlantic. First of all cool down in the west as a pool of high pressure invades the central rocky areas. Now, we'll go from what we had on Friday, and Denver as eighty six degrees for the high to today, a high of just sixty four so that's a full twenty two degree drop in daytime high for Denver now by tomorrow, Monday will be back up to seventy four for Saint Louis. We won't see that drop until most likely tomorrow, eighty two for. The high today. Flood warnings to continue in Kansas City, and extend into at least Tuesday. Today's high eighty four tomorrow, seventy eight with that cooler air pushing eastward, we could see some spotty showers today in the central and northern plains the national forecast from Red Eye Radio. I'm meteorologist, John trout. It started when he lost his job. Then he couldn't find another job then the bills kept piling up. And he said he was a failure then you begin to worry as his mood started swinging, and he got quiet and sunk into a place. You try to reach you told him you'd get through it together. But he said it didn't matter. He casually mentioned ending it one morning. And he didn't say anything when you asked what it meant, but she knew and he had a gun and you didn't know how to help him. But there is one thing you can do we move the gun for now. Eighty five percent of suicide attempts with a gun or fatal, but without a gun less than five percent of suicide attempts are deadly. You can't always stop someone from hurting themselves, but a red flag order contemporary prevent loved ones from accessing the most lethal form of suicide until the crisis passes giving them a second chance to get the help they need to. Learn more visit one thing to do dot org. Paid for by everytown for gun safety support fund org. The Jordan be Peterson podcast with his very special two part guest. Joe Roby oftentimes, the last hour of three hour podcasts the best our. Yeah. Well, that intuition certainly right and revolutionary pardon. My revolutionary years just meeting stubborn for Jordan Peterson podcast and special guest, Joe Rogan downloaded free and easy. At apple podcast Google podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast from the Westwood One podcast network. The human voice, it can be sweet as music. Has left her? But for millions of peaking can also be assigned COPD, this serious lung disease can make it so hard to breathe. You often can't catch breath or finish a sentence. Let alone carry a tune and many who have COPD don't even know it. That's where your voice comes in. If you think you were left, one have symptoms talk with a healthcare provider. Early diagnosis can mean better treatments and quality of life. Join us in raising our voices for the millions with COPD who can't learn more. COPD NHLBI dot NIH dot gov. This HDTV from the comfort of your cat. Find out more at district truck dot com. Call eight three three truck TV eight three three eight seven eight twenty five eighty eight. Master here. How can I help you hear broke down halfway to tell your little short on cash truckers? Intuition backup your worries. Pete go big rig lending landing big rig will lend you fifteen thousand dollars for truck repairs insurance pain thousand dollars. Get your money in as little as twenty four to forty eight hours and there's no vehicle inspection required. Back on the road in no time with fast approval, regardless of your credit history. Speechless happens all the time. Take down this number Pete one eight three three three big rig eight three three three big. You got at one eight three three three big rig need cash in a hurry. No worries. Kobe Grigg lending. This is low master hammered down with a clean shot. If you're a trucking industry professional, then you need to be in the know. And there's no one more in the know than the readers of owner magazine written for executives and managers, fleet owner provides information on operations, the maintenance, regulations and information technology. But that's not all.

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