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A pizza delivery to a new york military bases resulting in the deportation of the delivery man who's from ecuador pablo via asencio was delivering pizzas to a military base in brooklyn friday he ended up in custody of military police and is facing deportation asked for id at fort hamilton via the censio produced a city identification card but no driver's license that resulted in an army background check which turned up an eight year old immigration and customs enforcement order that he returned to ecuador the of asensio has a wife who's a us citizen and two small daughters who were born here a city councilman asked bitterly are we any safer because they took a pizza deliveryman off the streets warren levinson new york new jersey college professor who lost his bid for a congressional seat in tuesday's primary has learned that a writing campaign has made him the democratic candidate for mayor of mendham new jersey i'm jacky quin ap radio news ap radio news i'm jackie quinn as world leaders began arriving in canada for the start of the g seven summit summer expecting the president trump will get a chilly reception over his new tariffs that affect canada and european countries his economic adviser larry cudlow says the president is serious about saving us companies and jobs great hope is that our friends at the seven will take notice of these policies and work with us after the g seven president trump and secretary of state mike pompeo had to singapore next week for the summit with north korean leader kim jong hoon we are hopeful that we will put ourselves in a position where we can do something the previous administration didn't do he says north korea has committed to denuclearization a drug sting and gary indiana's led to a shootout that left a federal agent in critical condition authorities say the undercover atf agent was buying drugs from four suspects spects when the shooting started one suspect was killed the lawyer for an arizona man beaten by police while standing against a wall says the officers claim that robert johnson posed a threat does not pass the smell test this is attorney benjamin taylor was brutally attacked no man woman child noone should have face the brutal attacks the mister johnson face day mesa police have released body cam footage of the.

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