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Defense. Friends over the list. Time, great relationships, too, and that gives good as it's ever been, maybe better speaking to reporters Trump says the Irish border will be just fine once Britain exits from the European Union Trump added that Brexit could ultimately be very good. His words for Ireland, prime Minister, Leo varadkar says he believes this is the only or rather this is only the time that a sitting US president has visited Ireland while in office. The president and first lady Melania, Trump will spend the next three days in Ireland apart from their day tomorrow to Normandy, for the seventy fifth anniversary of d day. Well, the president has taken the international stage during his trip to the UK this weekend. Correspondent Bill Zimper reports that the Trump entourage is also running out, quite a tab included in a Bill for the president's trip. Almost a million dollars to rent four, limousines, for the Ireland portion of the drip, limos rented from an Irish funeral home, the hotel bills in London for the presidential entourage. Also, raise. Eyebrows with accommodations at the intercontinental hotel in London coming in at just over one point two million dollars. Bills, emperor, NBC News Radio lightning storms have touched off several small fires in the Shasta trinity national forest the largest three acre blaze north of trinity lake at last report that fire was only ten percent. Contained five fire engines, two water tenders, and a bulldozer have an assigned to that fire, and it's now four twenty four at KFC K. A California man has been freed from prison after serving twenty three years of his life sentence on a joy riding conviction. It included eight years in solitary confinement, for possessing a book written by the co founder of an Torius prison gangs attorneys, say it is unconscionable that he was set to die in prison for nonviolent crimes. Kenneth Oliver was given that life term under California's strict three strikes. Sentencing law repeat felons. He was freed Monday. Well, three minor offshore earthquakes are being reported off the coast of southern California today. The US Geological Survey says the first quake, four point three happened around three forty five AM about nine miles away from San Clemente island. Now, the second also four point three reported just after seven thirty this morning. That happened eleven miles from San Clemente island, and then the third, which was a small to the three reported just before nine fifty AM that took place, nine miles away from the island. It's four twenty six at news ninety three point one k f k here's Dana Hass with your traffic trouble spot. I say, here's Dana. But nothing I button Bush eastbound eighty is slow right through Davis right now starting just after northbound one thirteen it's going to go to the causeway and after that it just kind of traffic congestion evaporate. So just hang in there and you'll be out of it soon. All right. Thank you Dana, and much more coming your way, here on all the top stories on news ninety three point one K K,.

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