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But it's something to monitor its it's not something that you can just write off so it's a good question rjb will get you out here on this one will give us one player ah any side of the bought a matter that you're we should keep an eye on maybe someone we don't know already i'm gonna give you linebacker cazenove mckinsey one because i hope he and i knew that marcellus would have some bad but he's had some great moments here in training camp and and i've heard mcveigh and his position coaches speak very highly of him so you know they need more linebackers anymore contributors go into a fourman crew back there and i don't know if if he's on the roster bubble inside or outside but with a couple more efforts here are there might be a spot for him he might have a new home in los angeles aren't does have the greening of it castano cast an olympic editor of fact i think he's the guy got the interception as there you go gasanova mccain iif these are not why pulled his name back and michael i got right there i jb go get well magol yes this week apologies if absolutely none of that made sense but give me a rain check it all basing italian otherwise you are jb law i am voice friday leica ma we will need you lose your voice round you learn a lot from you guys i we gave out on a stretcher on your training rossi and a couple of weekend where you got a lot of early i did like that was my gut reaction younger now here's girl then i've been seen near social media post and how seriously you're taking this and still got you saw but here's my only suggesting can we have a parallel stripper maurice jones drew oh ma hinges be the pace rabbit you imagine.

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