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Competing and cement affect one of my catchers when she was ten i'm proud to say sarah parsons went on to play on the us olympic hockey team a thereto oil in the in the winter olympics who was two thousand six she went to dot misuse great kids use a catcher she's a best catcher and the team that's great i i think that's fine but little league was not set up to be boys only but boy scout by the dave by the definition is set a dribblers only girls still i i wound up the whole read it caved out in the woods doing doing you know by definition ranked if he sepsis but boy oh you know quite a little you know trap us you know tracking animals uh no one first day uh so on and so forth but it it sounds like the previous caller who mentioned clamps cuanto that's gone in the mile forest in at this summit a corporate her a week after overnight on iranian honestly with rail it's going to group it's going to breed trouble when you mix girls and who boys overnight clip for the love of god it's not like this across the cleanup light and ali would flick they're right in there in the knicks who john is an x scout how old are you no you probably in aliso i'll be abu thirty eight by the end of the month 38 all right well thank you so much for for adding your perspective because frankly you're your harry who just call this occurrence scout euro scout you would you will scout 25 years ago it's great to get those perspectives appreciate you call so much you john okay let's see what the ladies think about this going to go to carol in boston carol you next the nightsight hardware hi i'm great what's your thought well uh i'm hearing in your crawler sensitive indication girls got on invade territory and the thing is driven far today.

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