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Possibly the world is brought to you by tommy john with the summer weather heating things up i've got a question for you kim jong un how're your old cotton boxers holding up are they a little soggy and kind of damp like a swamp singapore gets warm this time of year let's face it they just weren't designed to handle all that sweat that is why you need upgraded underwear from tommy john the revolutionary clothing brand it's redefined comfort for people everywhere including donald trump and kim jong un they combined lightweight readable fabrics with patented designs for what can only be described as the quote perfect fit and quote and their wedgie proof important when you're meeting with he dictator or a six foot two orange monster you'll never have to worry about that swabi feelings tommy john's moisture waking fabrics pulled perspiration right off your body in their cool cotton fabric dries four to five times faster and keeps you two to three times cooler than traditional cod and plus all the time john underwears backed by the best pair you'll ever wear or free guarantee stay cool and comfortable all summer long with tommy john no adjustment needed hurry to tommy john dot com slash world for twenty percent off your first order that's tommy john dot com slash world for twenty percent off your first order tommy john dot com slash world welcome back to save the world i am broadcasting live from pyongyang or i accidentally went for several days thinking the summit was here i'm just kidding we're still in los angeles it has been a weird weird couple of days donald trump went to singapore he met with kim jong un they had a summit of 'bout whether or not the world will end in nuclear annihilation it seems to have gun maybe okay because nothing really bad happened but i decided to get a real bona fide expert on the phone to help me figure it out you guys have heard from kelly magazine before she's over at the center for american progress running their national security and international policy but she's worked at the white house on the national security council she worked at the pentagon she's worked on north korea policy she's worked on china policy she's one of the smartest people i know period and we talked through the whole thing the substance what wasn't in the agreement the optics.

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