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That cutoff position and would know it over the last two weeks. Coal and now Allston have won jumped up into the playoffs, and that changes that bubble that changes that that position. How does it change the way that you race or do you just go? After the W and that's what it's all about but I mean there's gotta be that balance there and gas when they jump over. You kind of tease you off a little bit So how does that change the people you're racing with and how you raise? Well. It just goes to show. You can't leave any any opportunity on the table I think back to to to Kentucky for us and even even Austin Dillon We were both in position to take advantage of of what happened. There but we just one little misstep throughout the race enough to take us out of that out of that situation. For Austin it was spinning after missing pit road in catching a break in hitting the outside wall. Damaging car is right. Right, there with customer that point of the race in very well, could have been awesome to win it Kentucky too so when you think about those things in your in those similar positions similar strategies. We had very similar to call Kentucky. You gotTA. Just execute and take advantage of every single race plays out in those manners. It can benefit your team so for me it's. We're just GONNA, continue to push our effort in in running good going after those stage points. In trying to just stay up in it all day long I mean we. We really good for stage at Texas. We got sage points we wanted we were in an effort to stay after we're trying to keep track position and made a few mistakes, but we're going to place to Kansas. There's a small off. You can move around the race track. So. We're going to try and win these races, but we gotta be aware that more in position to win. We can't necessarily go all or nothing. We can't win. The race gotta finish got to try and finish in the top five. We have an opportunity to do so in really collect those points. In case we don't win. And in case more guys like custer and Austin were racing around win and locked themselves in so being sixteenth, Daytonas not gonna be a comfortable spot to be and we were gonNA. WanNa, be fourteenth or fifteen or that win all right. You bring up Daytona. Nascar just announced no more practice Resi Year your rookie. We're going to Daytona to a road course. As never done that before we we were talking about a little bit before we started doing the splashing go. But how does that change this year for you and going into Daytona? What's that going to be like to be interesting? It's another race where I feel like. You know wonder. Everything's GonNa have advantages cal Bush, but you know he's ahead of us right now in points currently so I mean I always expect to do good. It's been a little bit of an off year forum obviously, and it's been frustrating for some of those guys that are used to have practice time to dollar car in, but for me I'm I'm okay that we're not gonNa have practice just because it seems like once more level playing field when we go to new tracks or Rent something other other drivers haven't ran before you know I I, feel like or when it's a new package, too. I feel like everyone's kind of reset in after all star over some hoping just. That in itself without practice, we hit the and we'll have a better run than than we would. If we were going to walk INS, gland or or Sonoma were allow. These guys have lots and lots lots of laps, and a lot of notes under book when you go to a place like this, not allowed people do especially in a cup car or Stockcar in general and I hope that plays into our advantage. I think I think it could all right man. Thanks for joining us here on this splashing. Go and more importantly. Thank you for a tour of your home from the. Yeah from front to back, To back, that made a special man. We've never done it before, so thanks Sean..

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