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Welcome into late sedition. Espn afc on down. Thomas lots get threes. They later on. We'll be discussing events stopping points. Borussia dortmund as well thought in the premier league where liverpool colonie manage a one one draw against brighton late controversy in this game. Brighton awarded a late penalty converting to see liverpool drop points franklin birth. Craig burley with us. Craig i start without penalty at penn after purely because he. He struggled clearly kicked. Burt and people may say well. It was soft and well back then go down throughout the day if owed them and when the referee was instructed to go to the monitor he made his mind up within seconds. Nothing it was so clearly him. It was just be from from under certain. The way the game is refereed. These days then i think the referee no choice but to give a penalty. Frank agree on the time of craig and myself of course especially in england. You wouldn't have seen a penalty for sure. The ref play on but nowadays is completely clear if you kick the fire without touching the ball. It's a pen. He's what happened to robertson. He missed the ball. Kick the play kiko where we'll big foot big win late on the floor still miss the ball and twelve foot. So penalty live course had a couple of goals disallowed in this game. Craig is what transpired over the magic concern for them. Going forward with regards to the defense title. No i mean. Obviously the big story really has not so much in lubbock. Who'll drop points but once again your reaction on the unfortunate engineers. The he picked up again as a consequence of the condensed less on other things is not happy.

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