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Quarterback in actual football to be a fantasy asset you know what i mean yeah um i just i i understand your premise and if i thought that sterling shepherd was the top thirty receiver and opening room with top five tight end that i would have eli manning as a top fifteen quarterback okay dave i don't think that's true i think defining of an ingram as the top five tight end doesn't mean that he's going to get you a thousand yards and seven touchdowns i think now still be i think there is a clear difference between the top three tight ends and everybody else uh you added he he might end up being the defacto number two receiver and surely shepherd is the one who get you six hundred yards and four touchdowns next year that's six center yards and four touchdowns is almost exactly what i expect revenue there are also that they both mike at it and there are also a ton of quarterback second outperform ally with odell with seven and graham with sterling shepherd with another receiver that replaces brand of marshall here i think there were out there like it is a tough competition a quarterback next i feel a lot better about 'tidying going into this coming year than i did in the past though like i i can't rake everything radic riggles them i can't ranked have ingram had object oil assuming andrew luck is playing football i can't recommend head of hunter henry i think he's in that group that i'm not going to reagan had of atoms shahin all boy he he oh y shahin is going to be a monster this year i gave loves them i think he's got the potential to be and his coach might like using guidance yep at least he has the passed by the eu i bet but we don't have any of us does as evan ingram's coach does like using tight end right like i'm i'm a little more bullish on of how was the brown started when he was the coach there at the power the brownstown.

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