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GM called a bright drop. That's your money now. India prepares to roll out later this week What will be the world's largest vaccination program? These are your world headlines from ABC News government health official Dr V. K. Paul. We believe it is very much in our grasp to mount a great program. Girls largest vaccination program eventually as we built it up over months to come the initial aim to inoculate an estimated 30 million doctors, nurses and other frontline workers in the first phase elsewhere, the number of new Corona virus infections in the Netherlands has fallen for the second week and roll the decrease said to be the first effect. Of a nationwide lockdown and Spain is struggling in the aftermath of a massive snowfall that hardened into ice amid a record cold snap. It turns streets and roads into safety hazards and areas unaccustomed to extreme winters. I'm time rivers that the baby scene is foreign desk in London passionate arguments for and against forceful police tactics dominate one of the first legislative hearings of the new session. Almost Corwin Haig has more use of chokeholds tear gas armored vehicles and no knock warrants are among the equipment and tactics that would be banned statewide. Under House Bill 10 54 many cases bad policing is a result of bad policy. Democratic representative Jesse Johnson is Bill sponsor. We have seen evidence this year, unnecessary violence and tactics that have produced negative outcomes predominantly for communities of the neck. Restraint that killed George Floyd in Minneapolis, is a prominent Sample port of Seattle Police officer Armand Borrows, says chokeholds should be illegal. However, the vast of the neck restraint when an officer is properly trained, is an effective technique to safely gain compliance. The bill seeks statewide standards on police tactics rather than policy that varies from one law enforcement agency to the next. Corwin Heiko, Mo News. Homo traffic from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Still watching on Mercer Island as a fallen tree in the roadway is blocking east works or way near 85th Avenue southeast in the Kent area. Still watching a crash on South Bound highway 1 60 70 84th Avenue south it's causing stop and go traffic from 212 straight blocking that H O V lane and police activity into coma is personally blocking. South 56 Street, Rampton North bound five. Our next couple traffic. It's 7 34. Your co Moh forecast evening Art Sanders windy and Rain tonight Overnight lows Low forties Tomorrow Breezy. Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain in the morning and mostly sunny with a slight chance of rain in the afternoon highs near 50 partly sunny Thursday near 50 Friday mostly cloudy chance of rain in the morning highs around 50. Saturday. Patchy fog in the morning. Otherwise mostly cloudy upper forties Sunday. Mostly cloudy chance of rain back up to 50 and Martin Luther King Jr Day. Mostly cloudy, slight chance of rain highs in the upper forties. Overnight lows around 40. That's your latest weather from the coma Forecast team from ABC News Tech trends that 2021 consumer electronic show looks a lot different. Steve Koenig is the V P of research at the Consumer Technology Association, which usually puts on SI es in Las Vegas this year. Because of the Corona virus pandemic. The show will be completely online. We're gonna have an anchor desk. It will help attendees navigate different elements of the show. Whether it's keynotes conference sessions, different product announcements, E. T. A is touting new features on the C E s website that are supposed to recreate the feeling of an in person event. There are tools that allow attendees to connect peer to peer if you like..

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