Phil Spector, Joe Biden, Brian De discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network


Comes from the fbi but our own intelligence. Arkansas governor asa hutchinson on fox news. Sunday barricades have been set up around michigan state house and in some states like kentucky pennsylvania and texas the capitol grounds are closed washington d. c. resembles a combat zone with armed officers on every street. Yesterday a woman was arrested after police say she falsely identified herself as a law enforcement officer. She's currently being held also arrested a man accused of taking part in the capital riot. The fbi in albany new york says brandon. Fellows was arrested last night. He suspected of smoking. Marijuana inside the office of senator president elect. Joe biden is planning decisive action when he takes office this week. His incoming director of the national economic council says he'll take on both the human and financial crises brought on by the coronavirus pandemic we start from where the economy is today. The truth is rid of very precarious moment. We lost jobs last month for the first time since the spring last week. Nearly a million americans filed for unemployment insurance. Which is higher than any week during the great recession. Brian de on fox news sunday. A revolutionary music producer. Who went to prison for murder has died. Phil spector who was made famous for his wall of sound. Method was eighty one in two thousand and three was convicted of killing actress. Lana clarkson at his mansion.

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