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So you can get this type of content. This type of thought. Because over the next couple of days, we're going to see some more of this. We are more this. This is the there's too much riding on this. Talked to one of my friends who in the coaching ranks in college basketball. And he was I mail. We gotta get to the second round. There's some bonuses be. It'd be coaching horror. Your wife is own year. But this is. We got a win this when we got to get to this level and things like that. But I get it. It's a lot of pressure and these moments by that Aaron Henry weighed in on this show first things first of Chris's on they tweeted out that video. And he quote tweeted it with the bulls eye and just ask the kid was the kid fended kid take offense to this. Was he hurt? Did. He think it was a big deal. No. He said, whatever Chris Carter said nail that bulls eye. So hopefully, that's the end of this story, and we can move on to enjoy the game because they're awesome tournaments. Awesome. I think we will. We'll move on from it just because that was the story of yesterday. I kind of the overnight it was like the overnight like, whoa. And then for people who have never been to a college basketball practice or a football practice in college or the NFL if you thought that was something. Wait till you get the practice because that was the head coach who's doing it. It's the position coaches who are the worst like the head coach is he overseas the practice, and you know, I've seen some cultures. Stop the drill. Hey, we're gonna do it all over. But it's the individual coaches that really get on you that really just they want the most from you. And that's what I'm watching these players that you know, we, you know in a couple of weeks. We'll have the the Monday after the national championship game. Right. And they'll play you know, one of the most famous of end of the season songs in one shining moment. And but really the song really for me defines that you only have one moment to make a count. And if you don't capture that moment, you'll be left sitting Bagley. What could have been you know, I feel for those kids from New Mexico state yesterday. They had an opportunity to do something. They had an opportunity to be the darlings of the tournament. And they couldn't execute. Down the stretch. You know, you miss free. Throws miss a wide. Open three at the end, you missed out on your moment. But you look at Wofford and Fletcher McGee Wofford now twenty one game win streak. They are capturing the moment there one shining moment continues to keep on going into the now second round when they play tomorrow. And now you start to feel like, okay? This is where you really got a as a coach really bring the guys in because, you know, we've extended to call somebody's coaches tonight today, you know, whether it's the Wofford coach Murray state coaches, and now they have to also be able to handle themselves because you know, before, hey, we're glad you made it to determine now you wanna game now that cell phone is buzzing they'll players I mean think about it. You know Murray is forbidding stay. He's seeing that someone had to at him. Meaning that on Twitter, something this video talking about you. So now. How the players are seeing. They they're watching the videos. They're seeing what's being talked about him. And now, how do you handle this next twenty four hours? This is where the coaches come in. That's all the coaches the experience comes in. And we've seen it before. There's some coaches can handle it some coaches get title bit..

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