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Trae data if a player in China or Germany bison outfitter weapon designed to North Carolina. That player is affectively importing a digital good from the US helping to support a high paying job in America. That lesson isn't lost on the business community EPA games as. Forty percent owned by China's tencent holdings, one of the world's largest social media companies. I'm Steve Potisk, Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's newsradio. Twelve thirty nine on WBZ. We have sunshine forty four degrees right now in Boston a pleasant Sunday afternoon in January underway right now. But we do have winter storm coming. Our way expected arrival Tuesday night into Wednesday. A festive atmosphere in Foxborough this morning is the patriots fan sent the team to the Super Bowl in style. The crowd estimated at about thirty five thousand people gathered at the stadium for a sendoff rally the crowds lining Brasilia's one in the morning to get a spot on the field. Gates open today. The rally had been held outside the patriots pro shop in previous years, but this year the fans had a chance to get out onto the turf in the stadium. Speakers at the event feature team captains including Tom Brady or excited. I hope you guys are excited. And as I said, let's let them hear it all the way down in Atlanta. Still here. Here. Still. Patriots coach Bill ballot. Check it owner Robert Kraft. Also, speaking at the rally abroad bakery, made a massive cake for the occasion the cake, which is about sixteen feet by twelve feet is designed to feed five thousand people. So obviously, not everyone at the rally got to enjoy a piece of cake there this morning. Twelve forty one. Now, WBZ speaking of the patriots. There's so much to say we have other sports to talk about as well WBZ's. Johnny bridge on is hit to check out the entire sports picture one week before the big game. Charlie it won't come fast enough. Mike good afternoon, everybody. Couple of college basketball games to keep an eye on this afternoon about six minutes to go in the first half down in providence, friars lead to Paul twenty eight fifteen coming up, two o'clock Rhode Island at UMass. So for the third straight season. There will be no representatives of the patriots at the NFL Pro Bowl as the patriots head to Atlanta and a one week prep four Super Bowl fifty three the Pro Bowl itself down in Orlando kicks off today at three o'clock. It's a day off for the Celtics and Bruins. The Celtics will host Brooklyn tomorrow night last night, tough one of four point loss to the NBA champion Golden State Warriors at the garden when we made airs on offense. They made. Us pay when when we made airs on defense, they made us pay. Yeah. I thought our guys played really hard. We just you know, he gotta you gotta lock down all of your controllables to have a chance to beat this team met. Celtic coach Brad Stevens NHL all star game last night out in San Jose. And the Bruins get back from their nine daybreak when they host Winnipeg at the garden on Tuesday. Novak Djokovic won his fifteenth grand slam title earlier today, a straight-set demolition of Raphael. And the Dow the Australian Open men's tennis final at this level as I said in. You know under the circumstances. It was truly a perfect match and for Novak Djokovic that was his seventh. Australian Open win to golf the PGA tour this afternoon. Final round Justin Rose three shot lead over Adam Scott, the farmers insurance. Open in San Diego, California and earlier today Bryson into Shambo of the United States won the Dubai Desert. Classic ran away in the final round won by seven shots on the European tour. Charlie Brown WBZ Boston's NewsRadio..

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