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Like the whiff of all things that you have a basket, you get them to and it's really competitive, even if you don't don't think you're competitive, you really really into awesome. And there are a couple of places. Thank you for mentioning that that was one of the things on our shortlist of wurley ball where you because I think this wurley place had also. Laser tag, which I thought it'd be fun. Oh, yeah. Something, you know, every once in a while, you gotta get out and yeah, not eight hundred years old. Yeah. You gotta get out and do some stuff. How 'bout TME? Good morning. Good morning. Turning forty year. And so for her fortieth birthday were renting a limo with three couples, and we're gonna do winery stuff all along the way ending up in Stillwater that'll be so fun right idea. And did they set this all up for you at one like just one thing you have to set up? You don't like coordinative we have to set up the winery step. So we're we're picking a few making a giant circle. So I think there's one in red wing, and then there's one in new recommend or a couple of different ones that we're all gonna stop at about three or four different stuff. Okay. That's awesome. TM? I don't drink. But I would do like a burrito. Four burrito tour Donut tour. Okay. So Leah called she had to walk into work. But she said that there's a place where you can play game shows and golden valley somebody just texted me said there's a game show thing where you can't play a game. I want to know more about to. We'll have to look that awesome. Let's talk to Cindy, real quick. And he's got a good idea. Good morning. Cindy, good morning. Adult out..

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