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Crime is a sucker's road knows a travel and wind up in a got a present of the grave this time a cop knock me down a flight of stairs an honest woman was trying to buy a green silk sash and a simpering dandy was shot to death all because of a run of the mill like two thousand five hundred miles away it happened like this on the bed of Raymond Chandler outstanding author of crime fiction comes as most famous character in the adventures of Philip Marlowe now with Gerald Barr starred as Philip Marlowe we bring you tonight's exciting story not vital statistics give me a paper what do what do you like Chris is coming thank you take it easy drive away from here wait a minute what about what is there to help the ministers that drive will you Harry please okay streamline the smoky sunset to low heeled slippers brocaded in between address on the move is like on the Chinese four turns and four blocks and pulled into the curb and stopped staff to look at me with a pair of shop jade green eyes the satellite but always been nothing but a calculated risk and she stepped out of the car and smiled it was a big help brother thanks and goodbye and I just like that baby compare I don't like being left out on a limb now look you did me a favor okay but we drop it right here trouble you would like on the contrary it's business like keeping my own nose clean a private detective but I didn't issue any invitation here to jump in my car a private detective and was chasing a baby along you can tell me out here on the street or inside over a drink I'll take that drink I needed a B. I need you to this might be a break I'm Mrs Terry Lamar and your maillot Philip Marlowe we running from this is a barn a woman slacks I don't know who she is and why she's following me but every time I look back to you they it is the second day yeah sure they look why haven't you talked it over with a local policeman are you working from a private detective and all the plans are I hello my chin Chinese silks not a little shop six percent profit but wholesale quick with cash forty percent so what's the point locally all it takes is a rumor of police and I'll have doors closed on me from Seattle to Mexico good evening Montini play it so yes right away this gets back to the woman and slacks yeah fifteen fifteen hundred dollars I want you to locate them woman find out who she is why she's after me when you not without a few more facts for instance because he has some connection with your business I have two men working with me a strong one name calling Katie using the my casket safely to where it's going and it's not one named Joe temple knows when to buy when just long to wait around sure gazing hates all women even may I think and Joe temple well Joe is a wonderful guy you had like a woman falling in love with a fellow named Joe temp can I talk about it further gambling case you've been in San Francisco all we got a deal a big deal it'll make a break with everything I have is tied up in what about you and Joe ten yeah well perhaps this will explain I plan to go away this weekend but I changed my mind because I don't want to miss your flight is and it sounds funny but it's true those must be someone is like the one I had this morning it's a business all right leave the count of how hard he in case you work for me yesterday in San Francisco but the rest of it is to me personally I don't want to sound old fashioned this is about but what about and that was a mistake I could live with one thing I can't stand model is being lied to and leave ME vindictive assuming for divorce right now Vince Lombardi human leech is cold and spineless and parasitic is the real thing okay but why which you're hitting your husband put a woman in slacks and you're trying hello hi Terry worry about that too.

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