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Hey all i'm blake shelton i love that country music connects people all over this great nation but unfortunately so does something else childhood hunger fifteen million children struggle with hunger in america that's why the feeding america nationwide network of food banks works to rescue our surplus food to help provide billions of meals to families in need across the country join the fight against hunger at feeding americaorg together we can solve hunger together we're feeding america brought to you by feeding america and the ad council g eight countries on the verge of considering the i even as the united states i think that's pretty exciting he goes i like well i with refrain from name call the conversation with ron alex weekdays for teddy generation within the city the changes the world francisco oakland san jose the next generation of kedo as the ride goes really really fascinating doesn't serve the ron i heard a girl stream how look over and awesome and then i seek to the crowd this out of a witness to a carnival right accident that killed one person and ohio it was an accident caught on video and has led to the closure a similar rides around the country correspondent ryan young says it happen on the fireball ride the ohio state fair ohio governor john casic launching an investigation and offering his condolences say a very tough day very tough night for the people varsity the governor has shut down all riots here at the fair the fair will open today at nine o'clock in the morning seven other people were hurt the santa cruz beach boardwalk has a fireball ride that state regulators have shut down until it's been inspected as a precaution other similar rides in california will also be closed temporarily while in battled attorney general jeff sessions traveled to el salvador his former colleagues are defending his honor a member of the judiciary committee republican senator lindsey graham is laying down a marker regarding president trump's baiting of attorney general sessions there will be no confirmation hearing for a new attorney general 2017 jeff sessions is fire are there will be wholly hill to pay a host of republican senators are making clear their displeasure with the president's negative comments in tweets about sanctions because he recused himself from the russia probe and that includes the chair of the.

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