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You were at Kentucky the other day. How good is Tennessee? They're really good. They're they're kind of an old school basketball team in their makeup. All that. You know, a lot of guys our age group would say, you know, I like college basketball better when kit stuck around for four years, and you could you get to know the players and love your team. Well, these guys have been around three and four years and they've grown up together. They they were they built together they got really good together. And they were top rate team last year and lost oil Chicago and the tournament. And now they're back, and they're more mature and they've been through it. And they've got a they've got a star in grant Williams. They've got a an all conference player, and Admiral Scofield, they can shoot it. They're they're good defensively. They're getting better, but they're not a super team full of super talents like Kentucky. Year, Duke, or some of these other places. So it'll be interesting to see like how many how many people really do fall in love with this team. 'cause they're they're legit. They're very good. I don't think anybody's great yet this year. But but Tennessee's been among the the most the teams with the highest level consistency throughout the course of the year. Great stuff from Jay Bilas J. Always appreciate your time. And hope to talk soon. It's always a pleasure. Thank you. Well, what are what antastic conversation and lightning and two point by Jay Bilas? So the best around joining us to talk about the diversity of Missouri. Slamming today by the NC double a bowl ban in one. Make sure you heard Jay say that because for all of the history onyx of the pri-, the chancellor, the a d and Barry Odem 's comments about appealing this like they're going to have, you know, take an army and build a Ford around the incidentally headquarters and not let them out until they overturn this. You. I heard him say at the odds of that happening. Yeah. Infinitesimal is a tough word spell, but that's pretty much. What it is. You listening to Paul finebaum show podcast and getting a lot of reaction. We just heard from Jay Bilas. We've heard the Kelly Bryant story from South Carolina. And that let's hear what it's like on campus. Alex Lewis who studies. They're in journalism, and certainly has chronicle case. In many publications, including locally joining us now from Columbia, Alex, great to have you on always so cool to talk to you. You're on campus, your your following this very closely as we say Hello to you. Give us the read from where you are. What's been the reaction all afternoon long? I thank you for every poll. Really? Appreciate it. I told John producer. I grew up with the show from Birmingham, obviously, been a mentor cypress. She ate. Oh. And now, it's it's always it's great to see you for sure as far as I guess the temperature around campus. It's eighty degrees outside. I think it's chillier. I think it's chillier within the athletic department. It's been an interesting day. You know, I I think about I'm a senior. I think about my last four years here and so much has happened. So so much turmoil. Jim Sturt Missouri's athletic director took over in August of two thousand sixteen and then just months after taking over this story kind of surface and you'll onto to more the tutor who supposedly allegedly compete completed academic where for twelve student athletes her story surface just month after Jim's thirty to the job, and so much has happened that then I it's just been such a wild ride..

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