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This. This was not your fault. thank you. it wasn't it was you had you use. I do to you use sources of information to put this show together And you somehow got hoodwinked to be honest about it or they got hoodwinked and they were so sincere that they got you to believe him. The whole thing was hold on. Let's separate things between believing and reporting with conviction. It's not like. I'm believing anything i'm saying. This is what i'm here and i've been consistent. I didn't say this is true. This is what i'm hearing and yeah we we had the story which was really sketchy about too hard drives with hunter biden which came through in barely legible. English turned out to be true. So that's why that is true. But that was repressed. Well yeah we'll have that. I have an essay coming to focus on moving forward is let's deconstruct the new world order. That is coming in to build back with her and let well before we do that. I have to clips. And they'll be done with it a c. span. Call 'cause they're good. I want to hear that. I wanted to ariza revealing and as deconstructing as anything we ever do a because it comes through some sincere point of view as people witnessed this and watching c. span. You'd think they'd have a common perspective. But they don't as an aside. I do want to say that. I completely believe. The dominion voting machine vote changing. I completely believe that. I think i've seen sufficient evidence. I heard a really good one. Which is i have no clip of that. It was so sophisticated that they would If they needed if they needed ballots like empty if they need a new ballot. They would look for a number ballots. They would whoever they was was checking the voter rolls in real time to find some names. And those with spitting out these names to be added to these ballots. Could all be true. I don't know the demeaned vote. We have to get away from these stupid voting machines. That clearly is a problem. And i still think there was enough. Switching going on Doesn't matter i'm going to play these clips. And then we're done with that until some actual proof comes this is from the senate runoff same machines in atlanta. Good morning here from. dekalb county. Some enforcement news to report elections officials. Now telling us here that it's just recently tuesday night into wednesday that they encountered some technical glitches which is causing some significant delays and getting those votes counted. We know that there's about one thousand nine hundred thousand in person votes left to be counted. That's according to last update from the secretary of state's office games sterling the last update here chris that we got from. Dekalb county eleven. Oh nine working on a statement to give us the details of exactly. What's going on behind here behind those doors. Virtually come to a standstill as we are all waiting on those returns. Nineteen thousand votes. That really could change the difference in outcome of this race. I know everyone watching it very closely. Chris panic people are going to seize on this. So let me just give you a quick follow up here. What is the best reckoning right. Now of how officials are explaining what the problem is and what isn't about. They're not just planning simply they're not they are giving very limited information just saying on the record that they are technical glitches that we did hear somebody inside. But that wasn't from an official. So i want to repeat these unconfirmed information. There's some rumors floating around here. Exactly what can happen But we don't want to tell our viewers unconfirmed information right. Now though officials are saying is that there are technical glitches causing delays details. Here an extra minutes okay. Glitches all over the place. We get no good no answer to that at all by the way the mailing voting is clearly the biggest problem was. I'm gonna play this anyway. It's a minute fifteen seconds. This is the woman who's going around saying she is positive. Proof house how. The dominion votes were changed. I just wanna play as we've heard it. They sucked of the election was orchestrated in the remember. The on the second floor of via veneto by an employee stefan serafini foreign service officer of over twenty years. He retired the day before the election to ensure he would not lose his pension on like what happened to some of the fbi agents. Who betrayed our country. Twenty six fifteen and did lose their pension. Just they've before retirement so stefan phoenix coordinated with a general plow. Do graziano and cloudy. Oh graziano jim mcgrath. Yona is on the board of leonardo defense contractor. Leonardo at leonardo use their military satellite uplink to load the software and transfer it over to change the votes from biden. So what everybody's been saying is that we know something happened. We know something happened. The proof that was missing the very basic who did it. Where did they do it. And how did they do. It had been missing from all of the all of the documents and into the courts all of the app. David's there was nothing that was helping us win in the courts right so just want to get that out there because so many people who sent it to me. I felt obliged to share final thing. We have a lot more to discuss but we now have. I think the following situation with political parties in our country the whatever. The republican party was is going to be so. I think they're probably going to be more center of right than any idea far right now. This is the working class. This is Close to two democrats really the fiscal conservativeness. And who's going to run that it's destroyed. I don't think trump can bring all that back together But what's happening with the democratic party. I think we're going to see the split now. Taking place where we have the socialist democratic party and i think the nazi party i really do. I think you're gonna have this. This group of people like you heard speaking there who were going to go after the jews which will be the trump supporters. And they're gonna act like nazis so it'll probably be small could gain ground to have those two pretending to look like the same socialist movement but i really feel they've split into squad over here and then the real a whole who've been there for a long time they're going to start locking people up and doing all kinds of nasty crap okay. I'm not seeing it that way. But how do you see it. I think the trump is a is a real thing trump trump trumpsters. They call them I think it's what is done is it's put shed a light on china Shed a light on immigration and some internal policies and regulation. And i think it sensible. And i think it's going to continue and i think the democrats are going to be. The democrats are fractured. They've always been fractured. I think this is the thing about getting rid. Getting back into. Trumpsters is just a is exaggerated and because of biden biden. Won't let it happen. Biden's very much show you know a anti division guy. He wants everything to be biden. Barely has biden's.

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