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And I don't know if that is because they don't have a manual Renault so that is kind of given a free role. The team was always around Renault so everything was built through and also. So didn't love defending. I mean, what attacker does? Robin load has slotted into that number ten position. I think he's done a really good job. I mean, he's very underrated within Major League Soccer. He's one of my most favorite players, not even because he plays four Minnesota United. So I think they do have a couple more pieces. That I know that they are looking for without, you know, getting a divorce from my husband was saying it on this show or without getting fired from Major League Soccer. So there's a lot of moving pieces. So I'm going to leave that to Tom for all the breaking. A lot of talk about marriages and divorces and lack there outside. I think if your family is listening to this, this is a very good segment that everything rock solid went good. Yeah, this is a relationship advice column as well if you didn't know that soccer and relationship advice. But yeah, I think this Minnesota side is let's just be honest. One of the I think four teams that have made the playoffs in the last 5 years, very difficult to do in Major League Soccer. They just haven't been able to go farther in the playoffs. They are for me still missing, you know, a goal scoring threat. I think, you know, you look at Garcia, he's done okay since coming in, getting his goal. Last game to build that confidence, he's got to continue to push forward with that. But hey, Minnesota, I'm the last cup champs. Here we go, baby. Putting down their hard hats. Finding a way, I will say Miguel tapioca is one of the signings that sort of went under the radar. This off season that was a really good move for them as well. And he's helped with voxel. He's helped with boxo, 'cause I think boxo for me was one of those players that switched off in big moments and gave up some goals defensively just with his positioning and he's looked like old Michael boxo when he first came in to Minnesota. Sorry for cutting you off. No, no, topey has got the winner and talking about the winner, and then look, it's Ariana Grande rosales in front of them. So

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