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The researchers the White House has been using the guidance coronavirus response lowered their estimate for the number of Americans projected to die the model from the institute of health metrics and evaluation at the university of Washington earlier today projected eighty one thousand seven hundred sixty six deaths through the first of August with most of those with it Patel these occurring in the middle of next month they give a range of between forty nine thousand and a hundred thirty six thousand for the same period know what you think about that range forty nine thousand two hundred thirty six thousand I mean it's a pretty broad range as I said all along on the afternoon show if I had been sitting on memories also got twenty notices on my phone our commitment if I'd been sitting in the Roosevelt room of President Bush and anybody had said well Mr president William we estimate that somewhere between forty nine thousand eight hundred thirty six thousand people are gonna die from whatever bush would lean back and said seriously that's the best you can do it was just it was just his style I wonder one of president trump's doing map or if you're suffering from Stockholm syndrome and he's just taking whatever doctor felt you him her doctor poo poo and doctor stars telling just without question which is why I believe that he truly needs a second opinion no they've been relying on all these different models to develop these policies but the problem with relying on the policies as I said earlier is the more data they keep putting into the policies into the models based upon the additional information that we're getting about the virus the numbers keep dropping and the more the numbers keep dropping doesn't that tell us that so we understand that for example New York reported its deadliest day that's the big headline but at the same time that they report about twenty three hundred deaths in the last three days a total of mail seven thousand deaths or more in New York which means if you take if you take that away from the some sixteen thousand that means only about nine thousand deaths across the entirety of their of the rest of the country the governor governor Cuomo says that there were only two hundred net new hospital admissions and do you know the few SMS comfort where's that story the comfort yes this thank you to refresh I'm gonna find which of the other stuff too many computers on to many windows open twelve patients twelve patients on a ship that normally houses can help thousand patients they reduce that to five hundred so vacant space out till the nineteen patients further so we went we went to all the trouble because we were told that the health care system in New York was going to collapse under the weight of all these admissions and now the governor tells us well the missions have dropped significantly only two hundred new admissions and only twelve twelve patients I don't know what I I've never looked up I mean I've been in the country I don't know what the cost of operating the complete or club I never looked at but for twelve patients could we not have failed twelve hospital beds in the state of Washington for example the state of Washington Donna Corbett junior mint engineers moves in and they build a temporary hospital with two hundred fifty three bets the governor announces never mind never mind why do we keep the nation unlocked it it is a function of I don't deny this that as we social distance as we recognize that you know doctors are treating with hydroxy Corcoran wrote M. Z. packs and zinc as they're doing as many people are getting it recovering from it but that's a number that we never hear enough about me let me pull that up real quickly nobody ever talks about this read that particular map hello I gotta shut down some of these maps to to to to to to to to to hang active cases so they're they're they're one point five million cases worldwide W. ninety one thousand deaths worldwide three hundred forty four thousand five hundred ninety three people have fully recovered of the current active cases one point one million ninety six percent of those four one million sixty three thousand six hundred ninety five mild conditions in only four percent one forty eight thousand or in serious or critical condition we we're sitting here doing all these extraordinary measures which the extraordinary measures in terms of social distancing I think we've all and I think we've all pretty much more like I was actually offended by something that I forget whether it was felt she or books or maybe it was the surgeon general like they all run together to talking about well you know we're concerned if we open the country up too soon people will just go back to their old habits no I don't think so I think as long as we are told that the virus is active in the country as long as we know that people are still contracting over nineteen we're also gonna be careful I mean we're not stupid I mean I know the government thinks we're stupid but I don't think we're stupid I don't think the government gives the American population of credit to understand that okay we have a virus get serious we've been told what we need to do and in fact stop and think about what what we've been told to do stay six feet away from everybody when you're out in public I'm more than happy to do that don't shake hands were more than happy to do that sneeze or cough into your elbow what pretty much done that for the past twenty years wash your hands obsessively well I got a mild case of OCD I think I'm more than happy to do that so why don't we open the country backup yeah let us show you you is if there are any different than us let us show you there will good citizens what does show you that we can actually go to a restaurant in exercise social distancing don't tell me what I can buy enough by in a big box store let me let me be an American citizen the updated models getting fewer hospitalizations your patients requiring treatment in ICU even as I said New York is coming out and saying you know never mind deal we're not nearly where we think we are I mean we're not nearly as bad as we think we are the are you the are you to me model judge of the hospitals across the United States would reach an icy you capacity of thirty nine thousand seven hundred twenty seven beds by next Tuesday the revised model so I dropped that by ten thousand ballots it's turning out to eat less.

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