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Let's fight. You know, this Brady deeply hate Belichick? No way. I don't, I think he does, but I have no doubt that you bet your bippy. They want to beat each other. They care about that stuff, for sure a little bit. But players leave and they use frustration for motivation. I don't know that. You know for example I left on bad terms with my last college one of the coaches. There is a guy who I thought screwed me over and was frustrating and I lied to me and really really bothered me but I as years go on I go. Okay well God he probably meant well he's probably he's he's not a terrible guy. I thought he he's kind of dumb but I you know the more distance you have the less bitter. You get. I think everybody else I'm still bitter for sure. It leaks out of me. Like I feel like I wasted a lot of time had a good experience but I prefer felt lied to a lot cuz I left football teams before month. Now, you usually what you do is you leave and then you go, why didn't they want me? Time to prove them wrong and prove myself, right? So I think anytime a player leaves a team, there's some underlying, like, if they love football and off of, you know, what they do and they have confidence in themselves. They're like, all right, they didn't want me. Even if you're like, hey then offering you the amount of money I wanted. You're like, well, I'll show them. They should it off to me, you know, they need money. I want to do whatever it is. It's a little different in the pros where it's, it's professionals, and it's a business. Everybody understands that side of football like it's a business. You get it, but if someone doesn't want to pay you what you think you deserve like, okay, okay, all right. Like, if you believe in yourself, you go proven wrong. So, I think a lot of people when they leave a team, they use their frustration for motivation. Hey, thank you for writing it. Crazy. You're in Saudi Arabia. A Lear Odin said hi Zach. Hope you're doing well. I'm a, I'm a college student. So I just got done with finals and it's always nice to watch your videos when I'm done with my exams. Awesome College hated it. So good luck on finals. That hope you did. Well, anyways, here's my question. If you were an NFL GM and you were given, the means to trade for one player or even a coach wage last Jon Gruden. Who would it be? Just a fun fact. I'll read it in a moment and I'm going to read it now, he also says I have a fun fact for you. Bruce Matthews, didn't make a pro bowl until he was twenty-seven years old. Yet. No, long history, had more appearances, fourteen in the Pro Bowl than them. I think that's such a testament to how he grew as a player over time. Think it's a great fact. If you're a young athlete currently struggling with an agency, anyway, have a nice day. So 27 years old Bruce Matthews, made his first Pro Bowl made 14 after that..

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