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Hey, really fast. Can I tell you what I came across last night. It'd be at Foley's, great bar and midtown was for association of women at sports media. Having a little get together and meet Sean the owner of Foley's, the Shaw Clancy, a nicer guy right as big fan of Carlin. Big friends at Carlton loves the station. Because I got to show you something. Crazy over to the door. And it's the last face you see on the way out of Foley's is somehow some press pass of Carlin from like nineteen ninety you want to fill in the blank for me there. I was from Super Bowl forty. It was it was two thousand six but the show the picture is from is clearly from probably the nineteen ninety nine to two thousand era because I have hair. Yeah. It's it's a little warming. Actually. So this is the final face walk out the door, and I posted up on our Twitter page, you can see WFAN put it on Instagram as well at CNBC WFAN. I like some of the responses, you know, you've made it when you're is hung on a bar wall. Very true about this one looks like a mugshot. Does look like a mugshot. What kind of crime you have been arrested for because this is not just a simple breaking in or? No, no that was probably territory. Yeah. That was an indecent exposure. Jim Belushi added a pitcher though. Yeah. Like the story that we saw the other day guy walks in to his thing in the middle of the night into a store in the middle of the night. A stripped down naked starts eating some noodles. Dak he brought with him. And then left and the leftist pants behind. They still confined his pants. The only thing missing was the alligator. It looks it looks like in this photo. We're looking for a guy who are we also are looking for his pants. Yes. Yes. Unfortunately, that is accurate, and you can see it at CNBC WFAN on Instagram. We'll do Instagram live at a few minutes streak in Honey. Thanks. You didn't bring up like we gave away terrible towels at my wedding that had my name and cheryl's name on it. And there's one hanging in there. I did know that I did see that. But I didn't wanna bring your wife into it. Because you know, it's okay. For that. No, no. It's great. But I wasn't sure if she wanted to get mentioned on the show stuff like that. That's okay. I'll put the picture of me is not good. Not good because here's legendary if you've seen the picture. So the picture that was really at the tail end that was at the tail end when I had hair and a hair patch in front of my head the peninsula. No, no. I didn't have the. I had an island and then around there there was like an inlet coal. Real archipelago. Yes. Yes. Exactly. And it was not going well, and at some point it was decision time. And it's like, I can't do any sort of hair replacement. As they said in Indiana Jones, you chose wise. Never mind. All right. Michael. Michael. Hey, Chris, it's an honor to speak with the voice of Rutgers football. Thank you. I can't tell if you're being. How long were you ever recruited by Rutgers? No recruited by all the good teams..

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