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Yes they do in the constitution is a couple of different provisions when you put them together congress can limit nitz an article three the best part is in article three section two that congress could basically define of redefined the appellate jurisdiction spreme court ready dig it's called jurisdiction stripping i don't make this stuff up so congress has the ability within some limits within pretty broad limits actually to tell the court you can't hear these kinds case you can diggins banished like all classic cases in any event with judge curiel said was look in this nineteen six law congress gave the executive branch very broad discretion i didn't write this law congress wrote it and it's still on the books nick gave the executive branch really broad discretion to waive these laws and he put in their yes i'm not here to pass on the wisdom of these things i'm not here to discuss with his good or bad for the environment i'm here to deal with the law and this law does two things it gives the jacket a branch wide discretion and it says i only have jurisdiction to do something about it if they've overstepped their legal authority and i'm looking at the lawn looking at your complaint californian environmental groups and he has not in it's clear he did not overstepped his legal authority the nineteen 96 law gives the mass rationing the ability to waive these laws and get on with their re redoing of the segments of the wall and by the way what the third they said they already had two fences at will replace the third thing is an area where they're building prototypes of the full wall.

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