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History so if you could forgive wallace if you can forgive the party that had the klu klux klan as enforcement arm and the klu klux klan was indeed the enforcement arm of the democratic party if you can forgive them why can't you forgive reagan and george bush for having one of the greatest growth in the black middleclass in history why why why you hate the republic and weight of wisdom we don't have even go to bush and which now under obama it's google it google it the black unemployment rate did not do too good that us this defect at me quit screaming quick call me uncle tom quit i'm just saying deal would fax under obama the unemployment rate hey i read some stuff and it was dismal uh you know it wasn't good at all now whether you like trump on that they are talking about in the black community they have one of the lowest if not the lowest unemployment rate in history now i know trump's one republican side but you hate republicans but you love obama in his body for what forward forward common sense common sense kemondo bring you intelligence into question common sense pay going hey brother lee l on the commentary poor of our sunday morning ministry and again if you'd like to be pod of helping us get to that goal go to another station continue sending books and pamphlets and information pieces out to listeners who call and ask for them if you'd like that fourteen page black history true black history analysis of which party cared about black people and didn't uh you can call my offline number and will send you this fourteen page brochure free of charge and if an after you get it you like it and you think you'd like to support our work sent us a donation if you would please but i'm i'm i'm in.

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