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Time. 706, The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency authorization to use a certain kind of plasma to treat covert 19. There were so many people desperate for any type of treatment, Doctor said They giving convalescent plasma to hospitalize patients. For several months under a Mayo Clinic program, the FDA says 70,000 people have received the treatment Dr Anna World with UW medicine that my institution we have given it several times, and in some cases, it's hard to tell whether it worked or not. But in other cases, it's pretty clear that it did not work. But now the FDA is emergency youth authorization means the convalescent plasma. May be effective in treating Cove in 19 story from Cuomo's Cara costume. Last week, Governor Jay Inslee allowed bowling alleys to re open. But the announcement comes too late for at least two alleys in the state. The story from Cuomo's Carleen Johnson halos and his wife own North pole in Spokane. We wake up every day. Thinking it is a nightmare. They finally woke from that long nightmare Last week, when they got the good news, they can reopen with a long list of restrictions. Senior boulders that we did contact. They were actually a stag to come back. That can only be two bowlers to Elaine, and they must be in a league or claim to be interested in joining the league. Greg Olsen's the executive director of the Washington Bowling Proprietors Association. He tells me we had 65 bowling centers across the state. But frontier lanes in Centralia has now closed. Other center that closed two weeks ago was glacier lanes and ever owned by the same family for 60 years, and they were forced to close because really, no light at the end of the tunnel. The state would not tell us when they were gonna let us re open. You'll have to wear a mask except when you go up to bowl Carleen Johnson Coma news. Come on news time now, 708. Now we turn to what people are doing during the pandemic. A lot of folks in Washington and Oregon or ignoring pleas to stay away from state parks. There been traffic jams on the Oregon Coast, along with illegal parking and overflowing trash bins and agencies that have been handing out tickets to drivers parking illegally. Those tickets range from 100 to $200. Here in Washington. Late Cushman on the Olympic peninsula has been closed due to a large crowds that Quinn out Indian nation along the Washington coast is closing its reservation to visitors. The reservation of Grays Harbor and Jefferson counties reported its first covert 19 case last week that required some households to enter a 14 Day quarantine period. The closure will run through September. 6 Stanwood has a serious problem with flooding and it's downtown comas. Eric Hynes tells us. It's so bad the city is considering moving. It's City Hall to higher ground downtown. Stand with sits near where the Stillaguamish River meets point, Susan when the river overflows its banks, Urban slough and the surrounding farmland flood The area held reports flood water than closes flat gates between the city storm water system and the slough, causing storm water to back up and down down streets to fix the problem. Next money. The city begins a 10 year project to room two ex stormwater straight to the river instead of the slough. The entire project is estimated to cost about $11 million. Eric I. It's common news. The aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson has called Bremerton home for the last year and a half. But yesterday, the ship and its crew headed home to San Diego. They were here so the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard could overhaul the ship and make upgrades. Captain Matthew Paradise is the Vincent's commanding officer and a native of Tacoma. It was terrific to be able to be around family for the last year and a half. Um so I'm going to miss the Northwest. You know, I say that I spent You know the 1st 25 years of my life trying to get out of the northwest in the next 25 years of my life trying to get back so the Vincent is expected to spend the next week traveling back to its home port of San Diego. Camo news time, 7 10..

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