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Hard to see this outside of the context of the president's hostility towards Mrs Clinton had tried to briefly speak towards unity towards Barack Obama towards George Soros, everyone. I just mentioned it's been targeted in. This incident has been singled out by the president or as cheap defendant and his attack that at times fed some pretty wild conspiracy theories in certain corners of the right wing echo chamber. This is what happened when the president calls you the enemy of the people. That's right rhetoric. That comes out of that White House is not helpful at all. On there's collateral damage. And it has got to stop that was two straight minutes of the media blaming Donald Trump and not just talking. Head contributors anchor is like Jake tapper wolf Blitzer Chuck Todd reporter is like Caitlin Collins, April Ryan, David Gregory. The former host of meet the press straight news people giving a decidedly opinionated take on. Who is ultimately responsible for these bombs? Steve Schmidt is a colorful character and very valuable as a useful idiots for the political and cultural left because he is a former Republican strategist who has all but ensured he will never ever ever get a job as a Republican strategist ever. Again. He worked on the George W Bush campaign. John McCain presidential campaign, and now he makes his living blasting Donald Trump for adoring liberal crowds on MSNBC. He directly blamed Trump for the person who is most singularly responsible for edging this country into a cold civil war is Donald J Trump, and it's a shameful legacy that he will carry with him because of that for the rest of his dates are you following this the person most singularly responsible for edging this country to a civil war? The person who's rhetoric is the most hateful and most divisive. Steve Schmidt says we need to come together we need to be more unified. Trump isn't allowing us to do that just three weeks ago. Steve Schmidt on MSNBC said Donald Trump is a threat to all life forms on any given moment. The combination of his Radic behavior his ignorance could hose a profound danger to every single person in this country, and literally every inhabitant of the planet earth. So Donald Trump is going to potentially. End seven billion lives. Plus, untold creature is save of course, for the cock roaches in the nuclear war that he will rain down like American horror story apocalypse upon the earth yet. It's Donald Trump's fault that people are so amped up on the rhetoric for two years. Now, we have been told that Donald Trump. Is a monster. He is literally Hitler. He is going to get us into a nuclear war with North Korea just three days ago on the same day that the bombs were sent the New York Times the newspaper of record the gray lady. The most venerable news institution in the United States posted an essay by a novelist. Who fantasized about a secret service agent aiding in a Russian foreign agents assassination of Donald Trump on Tuesday. This is on par. With in the annals of bad timing. The New York Times publishing an article about Bill Ayers on September eleventh two thousand one in which he said he had no regrets about setting the bombs. What did he say guilty as hell free as a bird? New York Times. Glowing profile of him on Tuesday, the same day that bombs were sent to all sorts of politicians all sorts of political figures, the New York Times runs an essay from the novelist. Zoe sharp who have never heard of. She is apparently a British writer the assignment from the times was to imagine. If you will how does the Russia investigation, and and they took submissions from writers all across the world, and they picked five one of the five at the editors of the New York Times picked was from Zoe sharp. Who wrote that there would be a Russian spy who had rushed toward the president. His gun would malfunction wouldn't go off. He would brace for the inevitable shooting barrage from secret service agents, but instead a secret service agent hands the Russian his gun and set is here. Use mine. And Donald Trump is therefore shot to death by a secret service agent in this woman's mind published in the New York Times, so don't tell me don't even pretend to tell me that Donald Trump's rhetoric is solely responsible for a political climate. That would breathe a domestic terrorist. Do not even attempt especially the New York Times. And here we've got Hillary Clinton out there saying, oh, we need to bring this country together as a troubling time. Isn't it? And it's a time of deep divisions. And we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. We also have to elect candidates who will try to do the same. So in order to bring the country together, we have to vote for Democrats. Okay. Literally a month ago. Hillary Clinton was saying it is impossible to be civil with Republicans because they're Republicans cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and the Senate that's when civility can start again. But until then the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength. So we're going to continue getting in their faces as Maxine Waters urge we're going to continue to pound on the doors of the supreme court. We're going to continue to try to interrupt the Senate to vote on Brett Cavanaugh in the US capitol because you can't be civil you cannot. You just can't be civil look I have said before and I'll say until the day. I the advent of video and audio record. Is the single worst thing to ever happen to the Democratic Party for the media to now say that all of this violent rhetoric is coming from Kathy Griffin holding up a severed Trump head snoop Dogg in a rap video assassinating a clown and made to look like Trump the New York Shakespeare in the park summer stock theatre performing Julius Caesar. In which Caesar is Donald Trump any stabbed to death in. What's supposed to be a very sad moment in the play is cheered by adoring throngs of liberals in New York assassination, fantasies dating back to the days of George W Bush with the movie death of a president a book about the assassination of George W Bush. Look, we're pretending that this all started with Donald Trump. I've got decades. And I mean decades of Democrats being in civil you want. You wanna talk about incivility you want to start with the dawn of domestic terrorism in this country. The weather underground in the late nineteen sixties. How about that? How about the violence at the DNC political violence has been a hallmark. It has been a staple of the political left since the turbulence sixties. So do not pretend do not insult the intelligence of the American people by suggesting all of this just happened to start when Donald Trump burst on the scene in two thousand fifteen because it absolutely didn't. And when he burst on the scene in twenty-fifty. Do you think it's helpful to constantly compare him to Hitler? Do you think it's helpful to constantly say that he is the greatest threat that humanity has ever seen this apocalyptic vision that is based in nothing more than your own fever dreams. You don't think that there's any? The responsibility for Republicans not being able to go to a restaurant and then to go on TV constantly. I have got arm, and how many soundbites would you say we have of Democrats say, yeah. Of course, this is perfectly fine. What's the worst that happens? Sarah Huckabee Sanders, couldn't eat at a restaurant. My god. I do rebutting a murderer. I have talked to the people involved in making a murderer. They've all gotten death threats. I'm actually shocked. I haven't gotten any because when you do ultimately dishonest reporting. That compares your political enemies or the people who think a little bit different than you to the worst figure in history constantly. It's it's it's it's passe now to compare Donald Trump to Hitler. That's how common it is. It's passe to say we had a Trump nuclear. I am surprised that you didn't have CNN and MSNBC last September urging people to duck and cover because they were so convinced that we were going to go to nuclear war with North Korea. Because Donald Trump was calling Kim Jong UN fat and rocket man. You don't think that that contributes to the heightened political climate? But no, no, no, it's all Donald Trump. It's the most dishonest thing I think I have ever heard how dare this. And then the media's are well, well, we don't report intentionally dishonestly whole. I've got a great example. Of a news network intentionally concealing the truth because it might have led to Brett cavenaugh being vindicated. Don't miss that. Coming up next. You're listening to the Dan Donald show. Hi, Colleen here from Tri county contracting. We hope you had a great summer. But winter is coming and maybe you're considering getting.

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