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Know we eat flashes here and there chad williams the third round her last year he had trouble kind of cracking the lineup maybe with a new coaching staff okay you know they had this tight end rookie field jones college wide receiver teammate with kirk i mean this little flourished where he looked like the best red co threaten the nfl for about three or four weeks so maybe he's kinda that counterpoint where okay you're not stacked that receiver but you've got this you know young horse at tight end you could be a pretty good pass catcher yeah and obviously the return of david johnson i think is the most important thing to talk about his team at any facet because johnson in two thousand sixteen twenty sixteen was one of the most dynamic players in all the league he's right up there with lady on bell the injury keeps him out most of all of twenty seventeen what do you think the expectations are for that team if he's healthy and sam bradford are healthy in that defense loses tyron matthew but baker's back there there's a lot of talk that he isn't really much of a step off from from tire matthew so like as as a team if david johnson's healthy where do they fit in in the nfc west yeah and if you have johnson and he's talked about it a few times thought season he says he wants to be a thousand thousand guy meeting thousand yards rushing thousand receiving i i don't know if marshall faulk did that or if you came close but i don't believe anybody else's is says approach that kind of production before but he hit mine he's going for two k and you know one k and each department which would be incredible path catching skills are topnotch she can do a lot in that in in the screen game you know the dump off all that kind of stuff he can run little arrow routes and all those things so he's sort of like a big receivers well but you know you need him to run the football too and and and take the pressure off whoever's the quarterback you know they made changes on the offensive line they've had some injuries there as well they bring in andre smith and you know dj humphries is back i don't know it's just kind of a mixed bag of a group right now you don't really know what they've got you know jared bell deers gonna denver so yeah i mean on the one hand i'd like to think that he's a good enough town of runner where he could produce even if this line isn't mauling people even if they're not the dallas cowboys but like you said the injury concern awful last year maybe setting the bar little unfairly high for himself but you always love to hear when a guy has that kind of confidence got eric at home here from pro football weekly on the at and t hotline so eric let's move to seattle and what was the legion of boom it's essentially all but gone i mean a shell of itself cancel retires richard sherman released now in san francisco earl thomas holding out from what we know for a new contract through training camp we don't know when we'll see him how competitive can we assume the seahawks defense will be i think are we know what they'll have also wilson on the.

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