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Jordan secular way We are gonna take your phone calls to 164 31 10 and we have one coming in now like hell calling from Illinois online to allay her. Welcome to J secure alive. You're on the air. My Monday was my question Is that if uh the Trump administration has already solid evidence against Peter's truck and company Worse Or is that indictment? Well, That's what John Durham's doing. John terms. The law is the Justice Department official that was appointed toe. Look at all of these cases. The origins of Crossfire Hurricane which, by the way now struck knowingly misrepresented the date upon which this investigation with words like when you answer Congress under oath with words like No And now we have messages that show you were lying. I mean, right away. That's noser moves you can take now The grand jury has to approve that and you've got to go through that process, but I still think Peter struck could be in serious trouble. So again, Durham is increased his team and the Democrat majority in the House is shrinking down to like one vote. It looks like right now. Ah, one vote majority to 18. Maybe 2 to 19 and then the U. S senate. It's up for grabs. Remember? So that really will have a big part of whether Durham is able to continue to do his work is he expands his team, But, you know, we've got a major Pro life victory, and we've written about a C L. J that or we haven't had time to talk about it yet on air. It's an awesome story about the A C. LJ's work and how it has led to even bigger legal action being taken because, of course, we handle the civil side of cases. And now the Department of Justice has taken one of our civil cases. Ah, life and the conscience clause and launched an investigation. Their own investigation actually filed a lawsuit. Yeah, and they follow the civil action. To stop and let me read you. The first sentence of the United States brings a civil action to stop defendant you University of Vermont Medical Center from punishing healthcare, perfect personnel who follow their conscience and refused to perform abortions. Now let me read that to you again. This is followed by the United States Department of Justice. It's the United States of America versus the University of Vermont Medical Center. It says the United States brings this civil action to stop defendant University of Vermont Medical Center from punishing healthcare personnel who follow their conscience and refuse to perform abortions. The lawyer handling the case for us at the A. C. L. J is our senior counsel Frank Mannion. Um Frank brought the initial challenges forward and Frank. Let's get some history here. So people know how this case developed and now the Department of Justice involved Sure, j Yeah, This is a big deal. This is the first time ever since the enactment of something called the Church amendments back in 1973 right after Roe v. Wade. That we've gotten the government to file a lawsuit alleging a violation of the church. Remember, the church member is one of many conscience protections out there. If you look at it on paper, it's really the best. It's the most direct. It covers the most. Procedures, but we've never been able to get an enforced. It didn't matter whether it was a Republican administration or a Democratic administration. We now have a lawsuit filed for the first time ever. We represented nurse who worked in the operating room, a surgical nurse at the University of Vermont, She was on the list of religious objectors. In other words, people who said I'm not going to participate in any abortions of any kind because of my religious beliefs, knowing full well that she was on that list, she was deceived by her employer on one day. 2017 cent into a procedure that she was told was a noncontroversial DNC following a miscarriage once she got in the room and scrubbed in, which means she really can't get out. At that point. She found out that it was an elective abortion of a six months just station Allay age baby. She was horrified. She called out to her supervisor who could have just walked in the room and taking her place and said, You know, I'm on the subject of list. I can't do this. She said. Too bad you have to do it. The doctor in the room also knew she was an objector and greeted her with the words. Please don't hate me for this. So talk about an outrageous Carver story. She came to us. We investigated it. We interviewed witnesses in addition to our client, and we've referred this case, we found a formal complaint with the conscience and religious freedom Division of the Office of Civil Rights of HHS, a new agency or a new sub agency within HHS that was created by the Trump Administration. They investigated it. They spent a week in Vermont interviewing 15 or so other health care people. Attempted to write to reach a settlement with University of Vermont. Apparently, the university refused. And so just two days ago they filed a lawsuit in U. S District Court in Vermont Toe finally finally put some teeth in the Church amendment. After all these years, and we couldn't be prouder that it's because of the A. C. L. J that we were able to do this. This is a monumental decision or moved by the Department of Justice and HHS, but I want to underscore something here. It started because the A CL Jan Frank's leadership filed a complaint formal complaint to start the process going and if there's one thing the Constitution should clearly prefer, protect Harry that is the conscience rights of American citizens who oppose abortions and don't want to actually participate in the procedure, especially in this situation where they could have had someone else do it. Absolutely. So what we have here is an outrageous in French mint of the religious conscience rights of a pro life nurse. Who was effectively coerced into participating in an elective abortion. What we have arguably is a collusive conspiracy by the university to violate the First Amendment rights of this pro life nurse. And it was outrageous because it was pre meditated. And it was intentional, at least in my view, and one of the things that we perhaps should think about. Is seeking to criminalize the behavior engaged in by the medical personnel at the University of Vermont because they knew that this pro life nurse did have a right to object, but they engaged in action. To ensure that she violated her conscience. Right, All right. So let me ask you this, Frank. We got two minutes left here. What is the likely outcome of? First of all, you gotta worry that the new administration is not going to stop it. If there is, in fact, the new administration looks likely What happens to this case? Well, yeah, we don't know what the assuming there is a new administration in January whether they're going to pursue the case their own investigation uncovered more than we even knew about. If you look at paragraph 50 of the complaint that the Department of Justice filed they found another 10 nurses. Went through similar ordeals as our nurse s O..

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