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NASDAQ is up 89 points and the S and P is up by 18. Mornings, 10 30. Brian Mud's Next. I'm Natalie Rodriguez News Radio 6 10 W I OD Live from South Florida. Brian Mud Show starts right now. Radio 6 10 W. Y o D. Being black doesn't excuse you to support racism, whether it be black on black or black to white or any variance of racism and prejudice and discrimination. It's always unacceptable. It is Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony. And lest there be any doubt we are into full politics mode, albeit pandemic style leading up to the August 18th primary elections. And specifically what Sheriff Tony was commenting on a black activists and Brauer, who has been operating as a consultant to Scott Israel's campaign, of course, former Brauer chair for running for his old post against Gregory Tony. He is the statement that was made by Terry Scott. Wass. Tony came in as arrogant. Like we owe him something like he was the house. And where the field That's the way he came in. So that was the comment that was made and joining us. Now we talked about all these festivities and the politics of the day in the Broward sheriff's race. We have Scott Israel. Scott, How you doing today? Good to be on the show. Thank you. I'm doing well. How are you? Yeah, well, it's good to hear you're doing well. Tell us first. How you? How are you doing a couple weeks ago. Understand that you are. Ah, you're struck with the virus, and it seems like you've made a sound recovery. I was. You know, the doctor stand while on the road to recovery. I go through a test tomorrow. So been quarantine was released from the hospital. Thankfully, I don't need, you know, help breathing or anything like that. It was just a fever. And then when that bloke I was released in prayerful that tomorrow receive a or more when I get the feedback for tomorrow's past, that I'm negative, but a lot of people who listen in has you know, Centex and prayers and well wishes and appreciate all that. Well, it's good to hear that you are well on the road to recovery, and I will wait more positive news now. We started there. With the with Gregory Tony, commenting on the situation involving Terry Scott, who had been consulting your campaign your thoughts about that situation in Terry's comments. My thoughts were what I said. You know publicly I condemn the comments. The looks. The comments were unacceptable. Um Carey's resigned from the campaign. Um and then in the interest, the total transparency You know, calling Sheriff Tony to release the You know the the political requested paperwork at media. Our team. Other teams have asked for And we asked to find out. You know, Greg, I think we'd all agree. Greg, since he was put here by the governor has been a A walking scandal. And I think we need answers to these questions. You know, running for sheriff, these things can't exist. Well, I wanted to touch base with you. I had spoke with Sheriff Tony couple days ago and questioned him quite directly about his interjecting into some of the activism we've seen take place in cities like Portland and Seattle, where he decided, Teo, you know, interject, saying that I I you know, he thought it was politically motivated by the Trump Administration and that he would not accept any federal assistance inside of Broward. It struck me as odd for a couple of reasons. One is up and offered in Broward secondarily their new federal buildings that BSO would look after specifically, and we actually have 37 federal agencies. That have operations within Florida at any given time. And, of course, many of them in Broward every day. So first you're your thoughts about Sheriff Tony and his desire to bring that into this campaign. Well, you just stole my thunder. You know you have all the facts in front of you, but I'm not going to regurgitate what you said. But all he's doing is howling at the moon. Uh, he shamefully politically a posturing and trying to take advantage of a situation As you know, he took advantage. Ah, still trying to take advantage of the murder of George Floyd? Um, there are no there are no issues in Broward County. There is no conversation about federal assistance. There would be nothing to talk about. If the president of the United States wants to bring Uh, you know assets into South War into Broward County. He's going to do that. He doesn't need the permission of Greg, Tony, myself or any other sheriff. That's why the mayor's in this country or gathering now. To meet with Congress to change the laws, but there's nothing he could do about it. It was just trying to take advantage of ah of a political situation. You know, he had an opportunity to say something that he thought would be negative towards The president who obviously is a Republican, and he thought it would get him a couple of votes from on the Democratic side, You know, shameful, shameful political posturing. And if you miss the conversation yesterday, when I was discussing this, the only federal building that would be applicable to the situations we have seen play out with VHS in Portland and Seattle is actually in Fort Lauderdale, at which point the point of contact is the Fort Lauderdale. Police Department, not the Broward sheriff's office. As so it wouldn't even be applicability rectally in that instance which even more onto me, Okay, So be it as it may. I'm just going to say that is correct. It's just north of Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale of federal building, of course. So here, we said, and it's a highly charged environment and we've seen now the mask orders taken to kind of another level. First. I want to get your thoughts about how you believe policing should be addressing mass policies in Broward. Notably, we had a gym owner implantation who was arrested on Monday because one of his patrons was not wearing a mask. Do you think that owner should have been arrested? How would you handle things? How do you think we should be handling things? Well, First of all, I don't know. I haven't read about the situation from hearing for the first time. I think the last thing those very, very, very last thing. I am not saying it should never be done. But the very last thing we wanna do is starting arresting people off or not, you know, for not wearing masks the You know the police have to come in contact with them. First responders have come in contact with them when they go to the the jail. Department of Detention has to come in contact with them than nurses and doctors. So you don't want to be being bringing people into that environment. I heard because of You know Tony's lack of preparation. The inspection's over the jail and communications in places like that are just out of control. So you don't want to bring somebody in there, but the end of the day. You know you you want to keep people safe. You want to keep people alive. So my thing is to start, you know, educating have zoomed forms informs our everyday ask for cooperation, and I strongly believe in education before incarceration. So I believe that if anybody were arrested for not having a mask under my administration, I believe you would honestly say you know what Scott, Israel did everything possible to avoid this what more can be done? What do you think The biggest issue or issues are in this race at this point? Well, integrity. Of course, the trust of the public, you know, are giving an example when I was 18 years old back in the 19 seventies, when I want with a group of college mates..

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