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The same way but the problem is the people not the action. They critique the coal contact whole product. So when i want to show right. 'cause i know you enjoyed on friday night was was really really done. An interview with the telegraph l. Tune was to pick because win awards last season the players season. She's unbelievable she's ready. She's going to have a big season. Because united united lost law their most important players going forward press he obviously lauren james who was sociable of for them and and had a difficult season for injuries and is still not yet fit played for chelsea but once she's up to speed she'll be really good. So there's there's pressure but my was intrigued by the positioning on on friday night playing deepest false nine role and and at first. I thought she's going to struggle. She's very isolated. He's not gain a lot more but soon as placed on making runs beyond her as she just had those to assess perfect pauses on abacha as well as his second goal. People need to lucia this season. She was fantastic. Law season unbelievable spanish left-back and she's gonna have a big season his whilst Yeah they show scoring. she's like. I think there's been a lot of unease around monday night. And through the summer. I think when the departures nova the kind of stuff has come out about how seriously the club. The women's side and zilla from last season and obviously losing casey stoney who was on a jury tonneins ever a coat.

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