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You get some Arctic air mixed in. I see now finally let's look at the west. Now, we all know that they had an absolutely devastating series of wildfires out in California. What should they expect this coming winter? Are they going to see some relief? Well, the effects of the fire. Fires are still going to go on. It may not be that. There's fires going on. It's the what's the burned areas that are left. We've already seen punishment already as far as heavy rain and snow in the northwest, and that will continue to go on for a little while, but it may shift farther south again into central northern California an area that really would like to miss this kind of situation at least get some rain. But not heavy are thinking is is that January could be a rough month, especially late December and into the middle part of January could be pretty active and that can be the mudslides and it housing damage and in water problems as well. So that's an area of the country. We've got to watch their far interior west not as bad may ease back during the course of the winter season a challenging winter ahead. So Paul for sellers who might want to schedule an open house or for buyers who might want to go house hunting and for either one who's going to a closing. They really need to pay attention to the forecast this coming winter. Yes. Especially in the. Eastern half of the nation and also a little bit on the west coast. And if you own a house again backup generators make sure you have those those prone areas, make sure your heating systems are working fine. You don't wanna lose power. In case that cold snap comes in January on you. Israeli look ahead. Really good point Paul. What Paul I really appreciate you coming on the show today and talking about the winter weather outlook. Thank you. Welcome. Save. Paul pass deluxe senior meteorologist and head of the long range forecasting department at AccuWeather..

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