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Doom and gloom now this is not the first time that we have seen the only thing the media likes is appeasement they're not going to be happy with president trump for saying we're not going to take your threats ideally and we're not going to stand by and let you threaten the united states of america now they prefer some it when reagan said the evil empire oh that caused eyes go to start world war three everybody predicted at the time all he ended the cold war and we didn't fire a shot and he brought the former soviet union to its knees because they couldn't keep up and build guns and butter at the same time and so it worked same thing you know all we begin bombing in 10 minutes 0 that's scary and you said it before a a weekly radio address and people panel might see really has this nick mentality he's going to start a war and george w bush talked about the axis of evil and donald trump sends out a caused a dictator a murdering dictator thug you know little rocket man and the media can handle it now we've got that going on you know unless he back i think if he got down on both knees and begged and tried to bribe kim jong un the way that clinton bribe kim jong il maybe that would make the media happy although i don't think there's anything he could do if he personally flew a plane and into our tehran with another hundred and fifty billion dollars to bribe the mullah's that have been pledging to destroy the united states and israel and burning our flags and chanting death to america and death israel i at the short of driving of flying a hundred and fifty billion unlike like obama i don't think there's anything he can do this ever gonna satisfy the appeasers that are in the media or in the left wing of the.

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