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A new pro football league is kicking off this weekend. Correspondent TJ routinely. Takes a look at the alliance of American football the alliance or af is an eighteen professional football league. They get started this weekend with a slate of four games and a desire to be a complement to the NFL platform where additional players can go back and continue to develop in hone their skill hotshots. GM Phil savage says in addition to creating opportunities this league will always do. What's best for the players say it a ton of money in research into player wellness, physically mentally and emotionally other differences between this league and the NFL include the lack of kick alter player, safety reasons and a so called sky judge you can judge a bad call on the field within seconds the alliance season runs through the end of April. I'm TJ Katini another season of football. I'm barton. This Bloomberg sports update Carris lover returned to the Brooklyn. Nets lineup after a three month absence with a foot injury liver scored eleven points and fifteen minutes of action. However, it was the nets who were upset by the bullets at the Barclays center. One twenty five one six Chicago came into the game. Having lost sixteen of their last eighteen and four the bulls their best offensive output of the season all star diangelo Russel, Lebanon's with twenty three the long Nick losing streak continues. Now fifteen in a row and twenty eight of their last thirty they fall to the pistons on the back end of a home and home series one twenty to one zero three newly acquired Dennis Smith junior. Led the next thirty one but ex have not won a game since January fourth at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers were shut down by the Carolina Hurricanes three to nothing. Henrik Lundqvist stopped thirty of thirty one shots, but the Rangers could muster no offense. Peter Meraz stop twenty-seven shots for Carolina before the game. The Rangers honored their nineteen Ninety-four Stanley Cup champion team baseball news. Major league baseball Commissioner. Rob Manfred said changes such as. Is expanding the designated hitter. At all during the amateur draft will not be taking place in two thousand nineteen as Lee concentrates and implementing pace of play initiatives news, San Francisco Giants president of baseball operations for ends. I eighty said his club and Bryce Harper had a mutual interest. San Francisco met in the free agents hometown of Las Vegas earlier this week Phil Mickelson survived. A wild finished his round of four under sixty eight Jordan speed endured the worst of the rain in hung on to join him atop the leaderboard until it was too wet to finish the second round of action. Friday, AT&_T Pebble Beach Pro-Am football news jets coach Adam gates has filled out his staff including hiring Jim Bob cooter as running backs coach Shawn Jefferson has offense wide receivers. Coach and Frank Bush has defense inside linebackers. Coach college basketball in the Ivy league jail over Princeton Harvard over Columbia. Elsewhere Quinnipiac over Arianna CNN defeated Manhattan conditions over writer and barris defeated Niagara with the Bloomberg sports update downtown Rogers. Busies masters in business with Barry ritholtz on Bloomberg radio. My special guest today is now she is the president of fashion and design.

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