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As a case where you know, it is what it is. But you know, they're going to have to start moving somebody's guys. So that's that's basically where I stand on Seattle. You know, they could go a couple of different directions here. But Harry makes the most sense here in my opinion at number thirty again another potential for trading down. But we have the Packers. I'm going to project them for Chris Lindstrom offensive guard out of Boston College, Boston College, really did not have a whole lot of quality players, but Lynch room definitely was one of those standouts where you could see that he was making some plays on a nut. So talented team. So I think he ends up going into the first round here. At thirty one another place where this could be an easy trade down. We have the Rams in place. I could see them train down this pick easily. There's no question about that. My whole thing is. Basically the Rams. They need Rosser death. So they could easily trade this one down and get some more picks. But if I'm gonna make a pig here. I'm going to say that the Rams get Eric McCoy center out of Texas. Am they could also take Jenkins outta Mississippi State who's also center slash guard. The Rams just need some more Ross's effort at offensive line that tends to be undersized and got worn down towards the end of the year. And it started to show cracks into the playoffs as well as Super Bowl. So I would say, you know, getting pushed around in the play offs is more than the sign that you got to make some changes on the offensive line. Even if they won't be ready next year the year after definitely. And to round out the first round we've got the defending champs New England Patriots. I think they try to begin the process of replacing gronk, which they can't. But you know, as close as possible given their options here, I think they draft Irv Smith junior the tight end Alabama. No one's going to be able to do Kate with gronk and do from pass blocking and catching standpoint, but Irv Smith junior should be able to stretch to feel from passing standpoint. So gives Brady and option down the field and his blocking has gotten better to the point where he would be serviceable in most situations without having to bring in a different tight end. So I think that makes the most sense. All right. So that does it for the first round. Again. I think you know, from the takeaways that I have for this mock draft, you're gonna see teams make trades. I think they're trades abound. Coming for quarterbacks whether the giants get Rosen or the raiders giants do something funky with Derek like there are things that are going to happen tonight, which rates going down. That's just my take on things. The Daniel Jones fiasco could explode on any number of teams in the first round. You know, if fell fan, I don't want my team to be the one to jump on that grenade. I'm pretty clear in my assessment that he is not an NFL QB. But he's going to get drafted like one, nonetheless and a high pig nonetheless. I just think it's a it's a complete mistake. But hey. Apparently, there are people making getting paid six figures to make that call and they think that that's the guy. I just I'm just looking at it. I'm saying it's whoever made whoever's going to make that call is definitely going to regret it, and it'll probably cost them their jobs sooner or later. So that's going to do it for the show. I'm going to get back into of the other topics at some point this week. But hopefully, you guys get something out of the draft. Obviously watch the draft Thursday night or just follow along with your pigs as they come in. They match up with the mock drafts, I've given you here. So at least you have some talking points to talk amongst your friends if you had a draft party. So that's all for now. Folks dig it, easy and have a good one..

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