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Country either grandpa. Literally all the time. It'd be like going. Oh, yeah. That's right. Exactly, I do that. Now is that bad? Just a woman to answer a question or to tell a story on eighteen tangents that I also forget where I'm going sometimes. I got more. Good news. Yes. I have a new favorite person. Remember the steamed actor Mickey Rooney. Yes. He's no longer with us. Oh, that's right. That's right. He's not coming out about him that I love really what why is anything coming out about a dead person. Wait, wait, Mickey Rooney's got it on Judy Garland. Right. Okay. That's right. Shortened stature. He was twenty four. She was fourteen my gosh, really, that's downright scandalous. She should basically file a lawsuit like retroactively is. She alive. I don't think. So. Should file a lawsuit against him? There's a fella named Craig Bennett. And he's got a new book out called true confessions of a shameless gossip and this book is all about Hollywood stars. And various things about them juicy and there's a whole bunch of stuff on Mickey Rooney mainly this is credible. Mickey Rooney use to lineup quote auditions with Spiring young actresses for quote roles that didn't exist. So he could bang them. Oh, you gotta be kidding. And they were probably willing for roll Maki Rooney. He's like he was like the doogie howser generation. The book says this guy was nothing like his public percents, but he was a total scumbag. That's the thing like publicly he was just like the squeaky clean. And as the dude puts it quote, Mickey almost wore out, the casting couch. Oh my gosh. So this is your new favorite person person. Speaking of wearing out, the casting couch,.

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