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Once again. That's up with gusts. Dot Com. Now let's get back in the huddle so when you first went and had a and then all of a sudden because you know high school is one thing you're with the small group people all the time, and then you go to college like when I went to college, it was a big deal because all of a sudden athletes there that from other states that high to compete against. How did you feel when you first went there and had to compete against other gymnasts from other places? That was interesting, but gymnastics at that level. You know who you're going to compete with. We're all the same age we've known each other since we were little and eleven or twelve and. So I? Kind of knew those girls and we all each had better. Like apparatus I was better Florida. Exercise one better at Bar, so the coach honestly pick the right group of girls because we all had a specialty, but the top two girls and is one of. If you've got a full athletic scholarship. He had to do all around all events. You know pointed average so. That was more. My Forte is a little more steady than I was. Great. Yeah, no, that's good, and so then how because I think you transferred right in college? After two years I went to cal. State Long Beach because I wanted to the only thing at the time it was Exercise Physiology was to teach. He eat, so they said it wanted to go to the state of California. Because that's where you're going to teach, you can get it now with a teaching credential while the last two years of college side. Then I save a whole year and I get to work. Answered and Start word the day after I graduated from college, which was great for me because I wanted to work, but then I realized P. was aerobics was just starting is not. Eighty and I just felt like Oh Gosh I. Love All this aerobics. I could start my own aerobics business and I met Jacqueline. All if you gave me my first start on TV. In nineteen, eighty, one as on his TV show, and still to the day dive, we stayed great brands. He was my mentor and. He credit. He urged giving me the Opportunity Star TV. So is he kinda like the the godfather of all kind of how it all started? Yes, he was because he was on television and he did a fitness for years and he used to. You know even have. Your nine, hundred, thirty, six designed the first leg press, though he even thought of weight training. Way before you know, people were doing and guess what else Gus. He used to juice in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one. The you know I used to go. What are you vegetables? So I remember staying the kitchen with him doing his. Morning juicing for TB and. That was before his time. I mean now. It's all just. Yeah I mean he's kind of set the curve for how everything was going to be such a forward thinker. I think that you were you got really lucky to meet somebody like that to really kind of hey. It's OK that nobody else really understanding what I'm doing but I know this is the way to do it. and. He lived ninety six, and really wanted to live. Two hundred eighty got pneumonia, and that was in, but I was honored to speak at his celebration of life I was are. He spoke for then look for ignored and they'd be. Those guys were just a built a little bit different than you I would say. Right. You're close though so. You know my wife talks about like when she was a little girl, and her mom would come in, and she'd make all because she was one of three and her sisters and her mom would put on Jane Fonda and those workouts time on videotape. This was in the late Seventies. was you know. I think back to that like that was like. Just a few people that were doing what you started. Oh yes. I get a VHS in nineteen, eighty two and. Jane Fonda was awesome because she. Was Movie Star in here she does. So, what was great about that? It became a little more mainstream because she was so popular. I. Like I was the latter, the girl on the bottom, you know stool. Going up there, so she kind of opened up. The is that you could work out at home and you put this low vhs coffee in Near. VHS, player and there. You got to work out, so she got her pave the way in the in certain way in exercise aerobics for A. Women and you know the time they're only view of us and now. Oh, my gosh, never instagram girl! yeah, you know it's funny, though they think about all the transitions you've had to make in that industry from going from like before vhs vhs to you know all the other things in between has been blu ray disc, and all these other things you know and in the NFL. We've had all that. Let's try to watch. From eight millimeter to VHS to they've had all kinds of crazy contraptions. Now it's just delivered to you on your IPAD, right? Now. We're. I know. Isn't that crazy been now celebrating forty years in the fitness and health so I. Love what I do, and really it's the same message is get out there and do something right. Have gone through. You know high-energy aerobics and step aerobics. From Yoga pilates vaccine. The, you name it. I've get every single form of fitness. You can so I love now that my daughter's following my fitness with steps i. stay so relevant because she helps me. The bills knee. She knows how to do all this, so we really are good team. Mother daughter fitness routine because she can do the filming editing, and I've tried to help her with the moves and things like that. Is it amazing how the kids today are? Just like they're so in tuned to technology in the computers, and how everything works like I have to ask my kids so many questions about instagram and linked in and how do I do this and they just they just get it. They just get it quickly may love it, too, but the key for me was Both of my daughters also played sports in college, which is great, got out but scholarships..

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