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In a last seven about archaeological discoveries in Bible lands according to Christian today magazine and other magazines like Jerusalem post and we were at number six talk about the low that is the a mosaic showing Jesus in the five thousand was discovered on the floor of the ruins of the Byzantine church that was the sixth most significant find in two thousand nineteen and when I was about to say in ending this particular part was that the location of this place was visiting church is not the expected location for that miracle to have been performed it is actually believe to been performed further north because of this something that the music as an identifier of this particular location there's actually some believe that was performed near this churches we'll never know but it is interesting and in the top ten most significant archaeological discoveries of two thousand nineteen number five a seal belonging to Dallas you son of humor that may mean nothing to you at all the province revealed to me I think but it is a biblical name the Temple Mount sifting project that's an actual project the Temple Mount sifting project re open to new locations around Jerusalem recently and as the sifting projects were occurring researchers announced the discovery of a clay seal impression we call the blue light and the archaeological world identifying it as quote the first readable ancient Hebrew inscription found on the Temple Mount on quote the priestly family of Emaar served in the temple and this could be found in first chronicles chapter twenty four and past sure son of Emaar is called the chief official in the temple of ya away when he had Jeremiah beaten and put into stocks and that's discovered in Jeremiah chapter twenty so historical connection to a little seal that had considerably the oldest ancient Hebrew inscription found the Temple Mount that was discovered this last year number four on the list a sealed lots of seals in this west SCO belonging to add an ad in Asia oils steward another seal or below we like to say was found and sifted material taken from under Robinson's arch at the southwest corner of the Temple Mount in two thousand thirteen has been dated to the seventh century BC three men in the Old Testament are named Adam Adam as John including a son of David but none of them live in the seventh century so this is probably a fourth add in a job not the one in the Bible the position of well Stewart is known from several biblical tax so it deals with names that we know we're in the Old Testament but the dating doesn't suggest that these were the actual people represented but none the less is an important fight number third on the list another seal this seal of Nathan Melek the king's servant it's interesting to note that this particular scabrous actually ranked number one discovery of the look archaeology in the Jerusalem post so this is ranked number one by the court to see T. it's ranked number three and what is this discovery what is this fine well a two thousand six hundred year old seal from the kingdom of Judah bearing the inscription quote belonging to Nathan Melek servants of the king was on earth in Jerusalem both the title servant of the king and the name Nathan Melek up here and the second kings chapter twenty three were Nathan Melica subscribe as an official in king Josiah's courts now Tom Scott scholars believe with certainty that the ascription Nathan Melek that is found on the seal and the biblical name all referring to one and the same person this year was found in the glove box to parking lot excavation which is the largest ongoing excavation in Jerusalem sense two thousand seven archaeologists recovered it from the ruins of a building that was probably destroyed during the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and five eighty six BC the second number two most significant archaeological discovery of two thousand nineteen the cure yes your remote identified as a may S. the story of the road to a mass is found in the book of Luke chapter twenty four verse is thirteen to thirty four the location of a mess is a scribe as sixty Roman stadia from Jerusalem which is really about seven miles but for centuries scholars have tried to pin down the exact location of man's but haven't been able to do so with certainty until now MAS apparently is the place that is known as today RAF your redeem two words K. I. R. I. A. T. H. and your room like the word year Y. E. A. R. I am this place correct three name is mentioned numerous times the Old Testament most famously as a place where the ark of the covenant was held before David moved it to Jerusalem so apparently this city which has been known is actually the name a may S. which was a mystery to many people and if you don't know that story go to your Bible look at the book of Luke chapter twenty four and reverses thirteen thirty four an amazing story about what happened in Jesus revealing himself to two disciples after his resurrection all right the number one archaeological discovery of two thousand nineteen is the pilgrimage road opens in Jerusalem when archaeologist archaeologists discovered the New Testament era palus alone which is in found in John chapter nine in two thousand four during a sewer repair project when they were pairing this project they also discovered the lower end of the first century street that led up to the Temple Mount and since then work has been underway to excavate this street so that Jewish and Christian programs today can walk on the same road that Jewish and Christian programs walked on in the first century the underground street is not entirely accessible yet but it's certainly an opening part of the street that was done last summer drew many people including US ambassador among many other dignitaries so it had political implications as well so these are the top archaeological explorations and discoveries of two thousand nineteen on our website I will put a link to the articles that I derived information from for you to peruse and to look at yeah these proofs show us year after year the Bible is actually true every year there's something new this being made discovered found that is really designed to equip and defended a champion the authority and the historicity that the Bible lays out you see the Bible does a depth about people groups doesn't it echoes the death about geography empires kingdoms and gives us names and time markers and so if you wanted to disprove the Bible all you would have to do is to show what it says in regard to vans or to people or to geographic locations or the empire's is wrong and you could have a shut case but after all of our technology after all of our digging for over a hundred years and after looking exploring examining and testing everything we see in the dirt and in the sides of mountains confirms again and again and again that what the Bible has said as reliable and can be trusted and therefore is true Nelson Glueck a rabbi and one of the most famous and accomplished archaeologists of all time said quote no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference unquote and that fact stands today it turns out that archaeology scientific acquiring and history are the Bible's best friends out of a couple of links that as I mentioned earlier that I will put on a website for you to look at to take out and I'll keep doing that so as we get into two thousand twenty all be letting you know the listener any new discoveries that will be found out speaking the Bible what I like to do now is to move to the text of the Bible I did say I was gonna do that earlier that night but now we get to do it the first John chapter three now it has been awhile since we talked about first honest so what I would like to do is to provide a brief overview just to make sure that we're all on the same page this will be quick and so without any delay let me begin with that for the first epistle John is the first and the largest of three letters written by the apostle John it has five chapters in like the other two letters connected with it it is located near the end of the New Testament this letter is unique among the other letters of the New Testament as I said before twenty one of the twenty seven books of the New Testament our letters what is unique about this first letter is that number one the author doesn't reveal himself whereas the other authors of the other letters of the new testament to reveal their identity another feature is that this letter doesn't have the same form or style of the other letters of the New Testament it really has the characteristics of.

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