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Day and then Tuesday, partly sunny upper seventies some storms in four meteorologist Lauren Records. It's 54 degrees in Hyattsville, 52 in Fredericksburg and 54 in eastern Maryland at 3 15. CDC is that with new covert guidelines for kids summer camps boxes William London Noose reports, the CDC relax its guidelines for summer camp, saying vaccinated teens or adolescents do not need to wear masks at camp at all. Those under 12 do not have to mask outside, but they do indoors. Key points were staff and campers alike are fully vaccinated. Full capacity is okay. No mask, no distancing unvaccinated campers again. No mask outside, Unless in areas crowded or people are together for a long time. Camper should be grouped and stay together the entire session And finally, even if everybody is vaccinated, anyone who wants to wear a mask should be supportive. Families begin gearing up for post pandemic routines. A doctor who wants to keep kids out of emergency rooms this summer has advice for parents in the emergency room. I've been seen a lot of Children You just don't have the prescriptions that they're supposed to be on. Dr. Sarah Ash Coombs of Children's National Hospital, says kids with asthma and allergies need those scripts. Also, I think with the enthusiasm to get out and to get active, sometimes we lose track of the basic safety precautions. So forgive safety equipment. Please put that helmet on their head. Also this summer below where barbecue grills and fire pits as we have been seen a number of burns coming in Christi King wt openness. His teachers that of Fairfax County Public School are using the arrival of the 17 years, Cicadas is a chance to teach kids about the insects up close before they emerged. Fourth graders of Belvidere Elementary School in Falls Church learned about cicadas inside the classroom. And now teachers are taking kids outside to examine them further pretty friendly. Yes, Singhal to Mimi is enjoying himself was happy about that. So I want to be like scared my mom and stuff classmates to find a tech glitches. Impression goes beyond the physical appearance thinking that they love Disgusting, but then, when they actually crawl on you, it actually tickles. And it's actually really funny, velvety years, environmental educator says this once in 17 Year appearance is something that these kids will on Lee experience as a child. Can Duffy w. T O P. NEWS. The National Memorial Day concert airs tomorrow on PBS went to D. C the year after 9 11 and I was asked to do the 9 11 tribute because they knew that I'm, a former firefighter with Engine 55 in Manhattan, Steve Ever forget 9 11. It was awful. That was really hard to comprehend. And it wasn't until I started fearing the numbers of firefighters that were missing that it hit home from May this year, also marks the 25th anniversary of his iconic role in Fargo. You know, I mean, it's the Coen brothers Frances McDormand's performance. She's the real heart of the movie. All the performances If I do say so myself, Here are full channel my podcast Beyond the fame. Jason Fraley, deputy of the news just ahead in money news. New vehicle market has gotten Just about as competitive as the housing market. I'm Jeff Leave. It's 3 53 thistles, the sound of a family of four all working away on their devices. See with Xfinity Internet. They now get WiFi speed.

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