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Ray kind buster about half the price yes I said half the price of any other premium wireless earbuds on the market and they sound just as amazing as other top audio brands you now their newest model the every day eat twenty five your votes for their best ones yet it's amazing you get six hours of playtime seamless Bluetooth pairing more bass and a more compact design that gives you this nice noise isolating fit great because wireless ear buds are so comfortable perfect for conference calls video chats are bingeing podcasts and whether you have years that are too big yeah okay or too small we see you too Raycom earbuds come with six pairs of silicon tips that will fit your ears for clay that's the key right there and unlike some of your other wireless options ray Conner vice or stylish discrete no dangling wires or stems the company was co founded by ray J. and swimmers look stupid on the part of the Melissa Etheridge they love their rate constants so now is the time for you to see what the hype is all about we've arranged for you to get fifteen percent off your order at by Raycom dot com slash Kim that's a bite rate Condit dot com slash came for fifteen percent off recon wireless ear buds once again that address by ray kinda com slash cam finances are a real problem for so many people right now and maybe you can buy a brand new computer you're gonna find ads for free computers there are some tech deals that won't cost you a dime not everybody needs the full power of Photoshop so you can try free alternatives like Kim and Pixar if you want free product samples the free sites and you staff with pretty much no strings attached looking for something to listen to but you don't have money to spare for audio books on Amazon you can try over drive which connects you to your local school libraries you can borrow them and you can also do that on your candle maybe can't afford Microsoft Office we can give you something you'll find something suitable that will work called lever office that's free that victim entered a car we.

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