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Which is next month as the love continues. I should be pushing it since. I'm an promote Attic advocates actually. Did some work record tooth. He did Really amazing strength section and played some extra sense and mega taro's wales so yeah it's it's maybe a may not be the last time with something together. Which would would be Yeah i would be. I would be extremely happy if that was the case nights so before we move onto digging in goods some questions we have about the new record. I did want to point out that even even with the four different credited composers on before the flood It was remarkable to me how stockley cohesive it was and i was wondering if there is any sort of discussion or planning of sort of musical vocabulary of the project or if it just kind of clicked not the i've call. I do thank The may have had a bunch of demos and and again. This goes bites my memory which is shocking. They may have had because what we quite often do. Sign tracks and i'm sure people do is is the the provide a lot of music very unfinished state and then people say yeah like that like i like about may be as quite quite seamless lesson to the whole thing and yeah obviously i think established users of The american string instrument that. I can't remember the name of like. I kind of like loops tight. Yeah it's har- type thing so that's very distinctive but the other recognizing that there's there's there's definitely a weird thread that seems to run through. Yeah impressed the living hell out. Yeah seriously like yeah listening to it. If i was listening to without looking at who whose songs were done by who. I don't think i could pick out and say oh that's definitely trenton. Atticus that's definitely this and you know it was it was. It was very very cohesive. Do you remember how long it took to to out how long you were working on the project from start to finish honestly like a couple of weeks. Maybe may i'd in the studio. Maybe even a week really not long time and which which is often the case with with certain tracks just because for some reason with movies and tv is the last thing to get. Sorry it's often end up can like record all night. Something needs be done for monday morning but it was pretty quick but it was it was it was intense but it was fun to the one. We've done the one we've done just before. It was a documentary about.

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