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No firm you wanna they about it yeah and then that's a lotta crew you're thinking again like my first wedding yeah we recorded for what i forgot people magazine was there a couple of we had like yeah it was et but it felt like or production yeah now instead of like calcium and i was all you know directed and orchestrated okay we're going to walk down the aisle now okay q yet at a dining calling cowie was my wedding planning he's running us around and i wanted to be more organic and i loved it we had a great wedding you'd of all he did a fantastic job but we were so worried about getting this right for the camera and this and this is just an interview for eta or sean us but again i want wanted i want this to be fun i want our friends to not like there to watch with they're saying or are they going to be honor they're going to get to drunk and say something retarded in it's going to end up on a reality tv show so um there's things to think about i think aspects of the wedding if i was too back and if it hey you know andy in in other producers have to want me back to not use my decision so if they want it i think it's something we can discuss in how we can make it into met yet but they can get the audience can get glimpses into it because i wouldn't be opposed to that yeah i think there's there's some fun highly relevant eu she question for you go ahead by not on this season i can't remember so monuments use that you weren't on anymore but when adrian milu didn't want anyone to know that she used a surrogate and brandie like spilled the beans that was the chairman of the earth i was on that air you on that he i was married you feel about the whole situation being the eu used surrogate surrogates for your baby okay that's a good question i thought that adrian should a talked about it honestly because of course there's no shame minutes let's to this 'cause i couldn't care of my children i said let's make it into his in awareness then you know look at we.

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